How To Get Working Virtual Credit Card VCC For DigitalOcean, PayPal Verification


Virtual Credit card or VCC is almost working like a credit card and you can use it a maximum number of online shopping. Basically, Virtual Credit Card VCC uses for shopping purpose, you can buy anything on online shopping like hostings, VPS, domain, clothes, home access, and more. But One of best think it is very secure no one can steal your cards because It is a non-physical card.

In this article, I am talking about verification. Most of hosting buyers need a credit card to buy hosting VPS and domain.

It’s Ok you can buy hostings and domains with any working VCC but what about verification.

In the online market, you can find a lot of Virtual credit card providers. Last time I have a post about Top virtual credit card But most of are not working on verification mainly on DigitalOcean and some Paypal verification.

So how to get a 100% working Virtual credit card or VCC for DigitalOcean, PayPal, and other verification purposes. After many trying many I found some VCC that is working awesome in DO and PayPal also. So Let’s See which VCC accept authorization.

Online virtual credit card VCC Pros and Cons

Let, start with advantages of a free virtual credit card. Prepaid Cards has many pros:

  • No extra fee for the transaction.
  • the best idea to protect Bank account information
  • We have full of controls.
  • We can put Payment Limits.
  • Protection from being hackers.
  • Virtual card internationally acceptable.
  • Spam protection
  • Easy to Get

People like an Online virtual credit card because It help us to protect our back details and also no one can steal our cards. We can add found according to uses, so no worry about fraud transactions.

How To Get Working Virtual Credit Card VCC


In this first Method, I am going tell you how to Revolut VCC for free. Revolut is an android app that provides the Free virtual prepaid card. I have tried Revolut VCC on DigitalOcean and PayPal with a small amount and Luckily It has worked on both site.

But Revolut Vcc gives only specific countries. Without proper methods, you can’t avail to get a VCC. So Follow the steps how to get VCC from Revolut.

1 – First, you need to install Revolut App, It is available for both of Android and IOs platform, you can download according to your smartphone.

2 — After Installed, open the App verify your phone number, You can use your own phone number or you can get a free Phone number from here:: Get a Free US Phone Number For Verifications

3 — After Confirmed, you need to SignUp with  fake name and address

Note: Only U.K Adress Accept, You can get free UK address from here 

4 — Now Go to profile Change your Phone no. With your original one along with your original address and Info

5 — Send your verification document to get verified (Optional)

Revolut working virtual credit card

How to Get UK Phone Number For Revolut:

I think you know revolut gives credit card only selected Countries and normally you can get easily a VCC by using UK phone number and address. So If you are not live in the UK then by this way you can get a Free UK mobile phone number. So Let’s see how to get it:

1. Download and install TextMeUp App on your Android device.

2. Open TextMeUp and login or Sign Up on the App.

3. after signup You will be asked to Choose a phone number. Select Only UK phone number From the App.

Free UK phone number

4. Now use this Mobile phone number for Revolut Phone verification

5. Done and enjoy.

How To get Virtual Credit Card From MBWay App

MB WAY is another VCC provider works with DO and PayPal. So follow the steps to get working virtual credit card for verification purpose.

  1. At first download and install MBway App
    1. Android Version
    2. IOS Version
  2. Now, login or signup to this app
  3. next, you need to verify your mobile phone number
  4. Now, you can see your Virtual credit card with Card number, Expiry date, and Cvv
  5. If you want to use it for shopping or verification add some founds

Buy Online VCC Shop OpenVCCShop

OnlineVCCshop is worldwide VCC market. You can buy and sell Vcc on their website. They have a lot of VCC categories like empty VCC, Paypal VCC, Ebay VCC, AVS VCC, AWS VCC and much more.

The site very trusted and one thinks I like they have Bitcoin payment gateway. It is easy to buy and sell a Virtual credit card.

So I hope you find a good working Virtual credit card for verification purpose. I will add more Vcc provider once I get them. If you have any problem to get VCC please comment on your queries and I will try to solve. And Please share with your friends and facebook, twitter.


  1. Guys please don’t do as he says. I know he wanted to help but i did as he told and i added 20 $ in my account now they are saying i need to verify identity to get virtual card so buddy it will be good if you mention it in your post.


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