How to view Instagram Photos without following, their posts and locked profiles without following is quite practical. Moreover, there are many ways to view locked Instagram pictures without following them, for example using online sites, installing applications, or just using tricks.

View Instagram Photos Without Following

To see the latest posts and updates for private accounts, users generally need to follow them first. Because one of the reasons users choose to set their accounts private is to maintain their privacy.

However, now there are many alternative ways to view private IG posts without following them. So it provides benefits for users who want to be curious and curious about private accounts.

How to see private IG posts without following them can be done with tricks, online, or by installing an application. However, first know the positive or negative sides when you choose how to view private IG posts without following, whether using an application or online.

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How To View Instagram Photos Without Following

Instagram itself is a photo and video-sharing application that is able to share with various social networking services. More than a million people in the world have used Instagram to share their happy moments.

Even now, Instagram has become the busiest social network and occupies the first position under Facebook and Twitter.

This time, We will share how to view private Instagram photos in an easy way, either by using an application or other methods that are guaranteed to be the easiest. The following is how to view private Instagram photos in full.

1. Borrow another Mobile

Borrow another Mobile

The simplest way to find out how to view private Instagram photos is to borrow a friend’s phone. For friends who want to score crushes but are afraid to follow first, you can borrow a friend’s phone.

In this way, apart from being safe, it is also free and also saves quota. It’s just that friends’ accounts have already followed each other so that later they can see all the photos in the Private.

But don’t borrow a friend’s cellphone to see the Instagram account of an ex-boyfriend who already has a new crush. By using this friend’s cellphone borrowing account, you will be able to easily point to private Instagram accounts.

2. Using Fake/New Accounts

The next way to view private Instagram photos is to use a fake or a new account, where by using a fake account you will automatically be able to easily see the Instagram account of someone you want to find out. Even using Fake accounts on Instagram is now very easy. This is because it cannot be separated from Instagram’s policy of issuing features for more than 1 account stored in the Instagram application.

This new feature on Instagram will certainly make it easier for friends to use fake accounts. Also make sure that when creating a Fake account, use a non-suspicious name so that later the target that will be seen by his Instagram account is not suspicious.

Tips Create a new account

  1. If the account you want to see is a female profile, create an account with a female profile photo. This is so that it’s easy to ‘accept’ when you follow.
  2. If so, don’t immediately follow the account. Your task is now to upload some photos so that your account looks real.
  3. Make him curious. You do this by making your account also private.
  4. If the three tips above don’t work, try DM (Direct Message) him, of course, with polite words.

3. Private Instagram Viewer Online Sites

There is an easier way to be able to view private Instagram accounts, namely by using third-party assistance. This method is simpler and the chance that you can see the account is greater.

Here are some online sites that you can use to view Instagram accounts that are private by their owners without the need to follow them first.


The first site is which claims to be able to help anyone who is curious about stalking a private Instagram account.

see private instagram account

All you have to do is enter the username whose account is private to check it first.

If the username is correct, then you can follow the step-by-step instructions given until finally the private account can be opened.


Furthermore, there is the site which can also help you view private Instagram accounts freely. This site is a browser-based application, so you don’t need to download anything to use it.

Just follow the steps given so you can view private Instagram photos, besides that this browser app is also free, with almost no additional costs. Interested in trying? Please visit the site Instaspy right now

3. Private Instagram Viewer

Another site that provides services for opening private Instagram accounts is Just like the previous sites, this site will also make it easier for you to view private accounts.

Visit the site address, then follow the instructions provided so that the private account you want can be opened and visited freely.

Seeing a private Instagram account is actually not difficult if you personally know the owner of the account. Which makes it difficult, because the account belongs to a crush or someone you just met.

So you have to follow first, and sometimes waiting for confirmation following can be quite annoying.

4. Use Website Profile Viewer

There are several websites that can display protected Instagram profiles, but unfortunately, these websites are prone to phishing (fraud). The way it works is you only enter the Instagram account username, then the target profile photo will appear.

Unfortunately only the profile photo is visible, if you want to see the full profile you are required to fill out a survey, this is where the vulnerability of fraud lies. I have tried but when I was asked to fill out a survey, I canceled it.

However, if you want to try it, I provide a list of websites below:

4. Insta Pro Mod APK app

Instagram Pro Apk Download View Instagram Photos Without Following

The InstaPro is an Instagram viewer application to view private Instagram.. These apps allow users to find photos or videos from private accounts.

But there is one drawback to how to view this private Instagram account. Minus the application is not available on Google PlayStore. But wait, you can download it at the link below, really.

The first way to view private Instagram is to InstaPro Apk download and install the application on your smartphone. Log in when you log into your account. Find the Instagram account of the person you’re curious about, and voila! The account can be seen in all the posts.


Actually, there are still a number of ways to view private Instagram using the application. Several applications such as INK361, Stalkie For Instagram, Qeek For Instagram, Insta View, and Follow Gram Pro are available on Google PlayStore. As an alternative, you can use one of these apps.

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