Extratorrent blocked and other Torrent sites Downloading speed is too slow? Don’t panic, Try these 20 best torrent sites the fastest and most trusted torrent download site, it can be for movies, games, web series and more (updated 2023).

You must be delighted to download – movies, anime, games, or maybe other files, especially if it’s fast like a torrent.

Best Torrent Sites

But have you ever felt the slow download? Maybe you haven’t tried this method yet.

Besides going through regular sites, several torrent download sites are claimed to be the fastest and most reliable in 2019. Curious, what’s up? Let’s check it out, let’s go!

What is a Torrent File?

A torrent has the principle of being a small file containing information containing text to download a file.

In the torrent file will contain information about the size of the file, file name, track URL address, comments, and others.

Oh yes, the torrent file itself can only be opened via a torrent application or download software, such as uTorrent or BitTorrent.

Best Torrent Sites

Because it has a number of advantages, downloading using a torrent is a favourite of many people. Anything? Here are some of them.

  • the downloads process is not centred on a server but is spread through several other sources to be able to complete it.
  • Resumes can still be done when you go online again if your PC or laptop suddenly dies.
  • Can run the download process faster than doing the method directly.
  • There are various file options that can be downloaded, such as music, movies, games, and others.

However, behind some of the advantages, there are also a number of deficiencies such as privacy that is less guaranteed, because everyone can know the public IP of a PC or laptop and also the ISP being used.

So, use torrent downloads wisely and take care of it, Do with your own risk or you can use a good VPN.

Popular Torrent Download Site Collection

Now, are you sure you want to download using torrent?

If so, I will give you some tips first! Now, if you’re looking for a torrent file, make sure you look for files that have a greater number of seeders than leecher.

What for? Obviously, so you will get the maximum download speed.

Rather than you getting more curious, here are some recommendations for the fastest and most trusted torrent download website in 2019. Which one will be your favourite?

1. The Pirate Bay

sites downloading torrentDo not doubt anymore about the site download torrent legend this one, Yeh!

The Pirate Bay (https://beatpb.club/) is one of the sites that provide torrent file, download providers. Here, you can easily find various files in the video, audio and game categories.

Besides the categories, in The Pirate Bay, you can also find magnet links that will download through peer-to-peer networks.

Although it was blocked by the government and lost in 2014, the Pirate Bay is now accessible again.

Simple site display and easy searchPop up advertisements that annoy every page move
The torrent file categories are diverse and many choices

2. Seedpeer

download torrent SeedpeerThen there is Seedpeer (https://www.seedpeer.me/home) which has a torrent file database that is fairly large when compared to The Pirate Bay.

Seedpeer can also be an alternative torrent download site that you must visit.

Armed with a more user-friendly display with a link health indicator for more stable downloads, Seedpeer allows you to get album, movie, e-book, and game files.

Display the site more user-friendly and comfortable to usePop up advertisements that annoy every page move
There is a link health indicatorThe categories and file names are somewhat less organized

3. ExtraTorrent New

3. ExtraTorrent newThen there is ExtraTorrent (https://proxyof.com/extratorrent-proxy/) which is the largest BitTorrent platform that provides direct file directories in various categories.

You can find the latest song, movie, software, and image files easily through this one site.

However, to access ExtraTorrent you must use a number of proxy links to access it through the main link.

Simple site display and easy searchPop up advertisements that annoy every page move
The torrent file categories are diverse and many choicesAccess is rather difficult by using a number of proxies

4. Torrentz2

Torrentz2Then there is the site called Torrentz2 (https://torrentz2.eu/). Then why is the name like that, huh?

It turned out that at first the Torrrentz site had been blocked and replaced with a new domain called Torrentz2.

Similar to The Pirate Bay, the appearance of the Torrentz2 site is simple, easy to use, and very user-friendly.

Simple site display and easy searchThere is no separation by category, must use the search feature

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RARBG (https://torrents.io/proxy/rarbg) provides a homepage display that instantly presents the latest torrent file directory.

So, for you who always want to update with the latest movies, songs, or software, of course, RARBG is the best torrent download site for you.

Easily again, in RARBG you can easily see the number of seeders, leecher, file size, update date, to who the uploader is.

Easy search with many options (number of seeders and leecher, etc.)Pop up advertisements are quite annoying
The torrent file categories are many and varied

6. 1337X

This torrent download website is quite popular thanks to its web name that uses numbers and a fresh look that makes it easy to remember.

1337X (https://1337xto.to/) contains various popular file contents that are downloaded by many users every day, either specifically or by the categories provided.

What’s interesting about 1337X is that you can find various companion links to speed up downloading your torrent files.


EZTVFor those of you who are following various TV series, it is strongly recommended to use EZTV (https://eztv.io/), the torrent site that suits you.

Here, you can find various latest TV series updates daily, even you can enter the discussion forum of each new episode to discuss it.

Oh yes, for those of you who don’t like spoilers, it’s better to download and watch first before joining the discussion forum.

8. YTS

yts torrentyts.mt is more devoted to downloading the latest films that are on the cinema screen.

Also called YIFY, the movie download site via torrent is ready for you with the best quality and certainly won’t disappoint. There is also a movie request feature that you can use.

Display with easy search features like IndoXXIOnly a film, there are no files in other formats
Complete with a synopsis and details of the film to be downloaded

9. Zooqle

Similar to YTS, Zooqle (https://zooqle.com/) also focuses on presenting torrent files for TV series and widescreen movies.

Armed with a clean look, you can explore various contents freely or directly search through the search field.

For those of you who like to watch, it’s really recommended to visit this site.

Display with complete search featuresOnly limited to movies and TV series, there are no files in other formats
There are many sub categories that make it easy for you

10. LimeTorrents

torrent downloadLimeTorrents (https://www.limetorrents.info/) is a torrent provider website that has several categories, such as TV series, movies, games, applications, and anime.

In appearance, this site has been trusted to be trusted with content that is updated every day.

Not only that, but LimeTorrents also provides a list of 100 latest and most popular torrent download links that you can find on its site.

The Fastest & Most Reliable Torrent Download Site 11-20

In addition to several torrent download sites that Jaka reviewed above, there are many other sites that offer similar things and could be your alternatives.

Now, here are some of them that you can try.

No.Torrent download siteLink
14Legit Torrentshttp://www.legittorrents.info/
15Torrent Funkhttps://www.torrentfunk.com/
16Torrent Gameshttps://www.gamestorrents.tv/


Bonus: The Fastest Way to Download Torrent on an Android PC & Cellphone

If you already know which sites you must visit, now you also need to know how to download torrents through these sites.

Actually the way is easy, as long as you follow the following tutorial that can be practised on an Android phone or PC – Easy Ways to Download the Latest Torrent Files (Update 2019).

The final word

Well, that’s a collection of recommendations for the fastest and most popular torrent download site in 2019 that you must visit.

Remember, downloading via torrent is illegal and you must understand the risks. So, I remind you again, do with your own risk!

Good luck and Have Fun.

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