Free Android Download Manager 2019 – Want the best and fastest free android Download Manager Because of other browsers and downloading apps are very slow to download any big files. So Here In this article, I am sharing best and fastest android apps that help you to download files with super fast.

Fastest Free Android Download Manager

the download speed on a PC or Laptop faster because it supports fast WiFi connection and also a sophisticated download manager application such as IDM that can significantly increase download speeds.

But IDM is not available for Android devices. But We can use other IDM alternatives to download any files on android phones.

So that the process and download speed can be smoother you need to install a download manager application that is widely available on the Play Store. What is the fastest?

Therefore here We share some best android download manager, install and enjoy fastest downloading files.

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Fastest Free Android Download Manager Apps

Below all the Download manager are working like paid or premium. So Need to purchases them.

1. Advance Download Manager

Fast Download Manager For Android

Advance Download Manager is a download manager application that has a simple appearance but has enough quality to increase download speed and can download 3 files simultaneously. You can also pause the download and continue the download process, change the theme, and save the file in a different folder.

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2. Droid Download Manager Loader

2. Droid Download Manager Loader

Droid Loader is a download manager application that can easily download files in various formats. Like videos, images, music, applications, documents, and more. The size of this application is very small and has a very simple appearance with the theme dark or light.

The superior features of this application are that this application accompanies the display of the download process that is taking place on the bar, automatically pause the download when our internet connection is broken, the app will automatically start the resume downloading when the internet connection works.

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3. Download Blazer

Download Blazer is the same as other download manager application, this application also provides fast download speeds. You can pause the download, continue the disconnected download, manage the download queue and integrate it with all browsers.

Download the Download Blazer application on the Play Store.

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4. Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager
Turbo Download Manager has a few more features that give users to download any file faster by increasing the maximum download speed provided by the operator. The downloaded file can be managed easily like pause the download, schedule downloads and can run in the background.

Download the Turbo Download Manager application on the Play Store.

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5. Fast Download Manager

Fast Download Manager promises faster and better download speeds than other browser downloaders. This application can also download simultaneously up to 10 files. You can control the download process that is taking place in the background, cancel or restart the download whenever you want.

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6. Fast Download Manager

Fast Download Manager is a download manager application that can download files in any format easily and efficiently. Such as videos, pictures, music, applications, documents, and other files. This application is very small and offers a simple interface with dark or light themes. Its superior features are accompanied by a progress bar display to find out the ongoing download process, automatic pauses when the internet connection is broken, resume automatic downloads when the internet is connected again, schedule download times and much more.

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7. Download All Files

download all filesDownload All Files is an application that works like a browser plugin, which allows you to download all types of files and save them directly to the memory card. This application is also integrated with Gmail so you can save all attachments easily.

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8. Torrent Downloader

torrent downloader androidWant to download large files or torrent files do not always use the computer. This application provides easy access to media with integrated music and video libraries, the application runs fast and light. WiFi mode is also available to ensure your internet quota is not drained because of a broken WiFi connection.

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That’s the fastest download manager applications for Android smartphones, combined with 4G LTE connections, download speeds using a smartphone are quite fast. But it hasn’t been able to beat the download speed through a computer if there are additions you can embed the comments below.

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