Install SSL on Blogger – For those who do not know, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a security protocol that will secure various transactions on a site with certain encryption.

If your site includes e-commerce or online stores that are used to sell, then using HTTPS is a mandatory thing to do.

This HTTPS SSL will secure various internet browsing procedures on our site, from just accessing the site to sensitive transactions such as registration, email, online shopping, to credit/debit cards.

With this security, visitors will certainly feel safer from various attacks from foreign parties such as hackers.

The use of SSL will usually change the URL protocol that was previously HTTP to HTTPS. Usually, sites that use SSL will display Secure data notes lock icon next to it.

Install SSL on Blogger

Excess SSL

  • Securing various activities such as electronic transactions carried out on a website. SSL will automatically encrypt data so that data/information can be safer and safer. The level of trust of visitors to the site increases because it is safe enough to use.
  • Maybe also, this will increase the SEO rank indirectly.
  • Google currently recommends a site to use the HTTPS protocol.

SSL deficiency

  • If your site already uses HTTP, then you must first redirect HTTPS.
  • Chances are, your site cannot be accessed other than using HTTPS unless using the correct settings.
  • If at any time your site does not use the HTTPS protocol again, then the page will experience an error. This is certainly not good for the health of your site in the eyes of Google and visitors.

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How to get SSL?

Actually, there are many SSL provider sites from free to paid.

If you want to use SSL for free, you can try CloudFare services, Let ‘s Encrypt and As for the paid, you can try Comodo SSL at a price of around 75 thousand per years.

SSL can also be used for the WordPress platform, so you can use it as you like. Likewise with the Blogger platform, now we can enjoy it freely.

In the past, the SSL feature on Blogger might only be used for the default domain (.blogspot) and not available for custom domains or Top Level Domains (.com, .net, .id)so it’s quite inconvenient.

However, now we can use SSL on a custom domain on Blogger easily and without costing a penny or free.

How to Install SSL on Blogger for Custom Domain

For those who don’t know how just follow these steps:

1. Enter your Blogger account Dashboard then click the setting option

2. Under User setting, Use Blogger Draft select Yes and save the changes.

3. Next, go to the Basic Settings section and then see the HTTPS option


4. In the HTTPS transfer section, select ” YES “. If it still can’t, uninstall the custom domain first and install it again. Then set yes on both https availability and https redirect. 

How to Install SSL on Blogger for Custom Domain 25. Now wait around 15 minutes and reload your site with HTTPS it would be opening your site with an encrypted connection.  Now Successfully Installed SSL on Blogger for Custom Domain

By knowing how to install SSL on Blogger for a custom domain, you don’t have to bother spending the cost of buying paid SSL at the registrar hosting and domain. More practical and cost-effective of course.

After you have activated HTTPS on your site, in the future AdSense ads will be blank or not appear. But calm down, AdSense ads will also appear on their own.

Stages After Successful HTTPS Settings

1. Replace All Old URLs with HTTPS

The trick is actually quite easy. Please go to Edit HTML then press CTRL + Shift + R and enter your blog’s old URL, for example, in the box that appears in the top right corner. After that, press Enter.

2. Update Google Webmaster Tool URL

For example, if the address previously registered was, then the second registration was registered with SO Just edit Your site URL on WMT and add https.

This you need to do so that the results in the search engine are more optimal and stable. In this case, you can do Fetch as Google via sitemap or re-index via Google Search Console.

Is it safe to use free SSL?

Because it’s free, maybe someone asks whether it’s safe to use SSL for free or not. The answer, ‘ safe enough ‘.

Free SSL service providers certainly guarantee their products even though their features are not as complete as the paid SSL version. To check SSL reputation, you can use SSL Labs.

Based on tests from SSL Labs, some services like CloudFlare, Let ’s Encrypt and SSL Auto Provide cPanel on average get Grade A + .

Moreover, the SSL install service on Blogger is sure Google itself has guaranteed its security.

So that you can use SSL, hosting will usually require a dedicated IP. However, this is not needed anymore if the hosting supports SNI (Server Name Indication).


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