To use MS Office 2010 it’s all features you must activate Microsoft Office 2010 permanently otherwise, All Office products can’t accessible. Well, this time we will share a short tutorial on how to permanently activate Microsoft Office 2010.

After you have installed Microsoft Office 2010 on your computer/laptop, the next step is that you have to activate Office 2010 so you can use it optimally.

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Permanently (100% Working)

Actually, even without the need to activate Microsoft Office 2010, it can still be used. But there are some limitations in its use such as features that are not accessed as a whole.

What Happens If Office 2010 Is Not Activated?

After you install it on a laptop or computer, Office 2010 can be used freely during the trial period. The trial period is usually valid for one month or 30 days from the time it is installed.

After the trial period is up, you have to activate Office 2010. If the trial period is up and you don’t activate it, the following problems will appear:

  1. The Microsoft Office Activation Wizard window always appears every time Word, Excel, PPT, etc. is opened which is an instruction to immediately activate which of course will be annoying.
  2. A non-commercial description  will appear in the title section
  3. In the titles of Word, Excel, and PPT 2010 documents, the description Unlicensed Product or Product Activation Failed usually also appears.
  4. Office 2010 cannot be used to type Word, Excel, PPT, and other documents, and cannot edit documents that have been created because they cannot be saved.
  5. All Office 2010 products can no longer be opened after the trial period ends.

So, so that you don’t experience these problems that will interfere with work, then activate it immediately even before the trial period runs out.

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How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Free

There are many ways to permanently activate Microsoft Office 2010, from the trial version to the full version. In general, permanent activation of Office 2010 is done by entering the product key in the form provided. But Here We share some methods to activate MS Office permanently without product keys.

1. Office 2010 Toolkit

Toolkit is an activator software that can be used to activate Office 2010 offline and permanently. This software has many very useful features, and again Toolkit is free software that you should definitely try!

  1. Please download the Office 2010 Toolkit via the following link.

    Download Office 2010 Toolkit

  2. Next, temporarily turn off Windows Defender or another antivirus.
  3. After that, please extract the Office 2010 Toolkit RAR file that has been downloaded.
  4. Then, open the extracted folder and you will find the Office 2010 Toolkit file.
  5. Run the Office 2010 Toolkit file as admin (right-click then click Run as administrator ).
  6. On the User Account Control window, click Yes to grant administrator permissions.
  7. If the Windows Security Alert window appears, then please click  Allow access.
  8. When Office 2010 Toolkit is open, click EZ-Activator to activate it.Office 2010 Toolkit
  9. After that the activation process will take about 10 minutes, so just wait for it to finish.
  10. If it’s finished and successful, the statement Office 2010 was successfully activated will appear.
  11. Because the activation is complete, just close the Office 2010 Toolkit window.
  12. Finally, make sure you reactivate the antivirus that was previously turned off.

After performing the steps above, the message Office 2010 was successfully activated will appear in the information box, meaning that you have successfully activated Microsoft Office 2010 so that it becomes the full version for free and permanently.

2. Office 2010 activation with CMD

Activating Microsoft Office 2010 with CMD is easy. Because, you can activate it offline, without the help of additional applications or software.

Before activating, make sure to turn off Windows Defender first so you can apply this method with CMD, because if you don’t turn it off then Windows security will prevent the Office 2010 activation process from taking action via CMD.

How to activate office 2010 with CMD:

  1. First, you need to access this page.
  2. Then copy all the code from that page.
  3. Now open the notepad app and paste the cmd code.
  4. Save the notepad file with the name Office2010.cmd or with the bat ending for Windows 10 like Office2010.bat
  5. Then right-click the Office2010.cmd file and click on the Run As Administrator option.
  6. Then CMD will open, please wait for it to finish.
  7. Now Microsoft Office 2010 has been successfully activated.

Note: If it doesn’t work, disable Windows Defender on your laptop or computer first, and Make sure to run CMD by right-clicking on the Run As Administrator menu.

3. Activate Office 2010 with KmsAuto


One of the activators that are often used is Kms Auto which you can also use to activate Office 2010. This software is even very easy to operate and is able to resolve Product Activation Failed notifications. Here’s how without a product key:

  • Download the Kms Auto file first here
  • Click the Download button to start the download
  • Wait until the Kms Auto file has finished downloading and install
  • Run the KMS Auto software
  • Right-click on the download file
  • Click the Run as administrator option
  • Enter the Main Window menu
  • Select the Install GVLK menu
  • Put a tick in the Forcibly column
  • Click the Office Key button in the box on the right
  • Wait until the Key Installed Successful notification appears
  • Click the Activate Office button
  • The process is successful if the Activation Successful message appears

4. Activate Office 2010 with KmsPico

Activate Microsoft Office 2010 with KmsPico

One of the activators that you can also use is Kmspico. Of course, the user must have the master file first to be installed on the laptop first. This software will make it easier to activate the system in Windows without using the product key above.

  • Download the latest version of KMSpico
  • Visit the site to download it
  • Wait until the download process is complete
  • Extract the download file first because it is still in RAR form
  • Right-click on the installed software
  • Select the Run as administrator menu
  • Click on the Next menu
  • Click on the red button to continue
  • Wait for the activation process to complete
  • Office 2010 has been successfully activated

5. Activate Microsoft Office 2010 with Product Key

The existence of a product key that is owned by Office 2010 can be used to perform a trial or limited activation. Furthermore, this method does not require an internet connection so it is quite easy to do like the steps above:

Product Key Office version 32 bit

  • 76XCJ- YMH2W- YQQV6- XX76X- QK3K7
  • GFK6T- JVXJX- 4JCP9- 39M37- TBRB2
  • 7TF8R- 933DG- MCBQR- TXPM7- G4JRM
  • DX4MW- PB7F4- YR4WT- BV3MM- 4YV79
  • 72D2Y- R2D7F- HG6TM- HBW4M- CHCB4

Product Key Office version 64 bit

  • 2K79J – DVFWG – MJT2Q – BXB2R – T9PDV
  • 6TX3V- WRDJ6- JC34X- BDDPV- 6F3PB
  • DLHF8- ERYT8- 749YT- 3RJKE- WJHF8

Thus our review on how to permanently activate Office 2010 from trial to full version. With the method above, you can still use MS Office software that has expired. Microsoft Office can be activated again even without a product key. Make sure you use the method above wisely. Good luck!

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