Access blocked Websites On Mobile and PCMany sites were blocked by Government or telecom companies because those sites contain adult content, spam/phishing, gambling and so on. Sometimes a site that does not contain the elements and even then there are blocked. For Those people who want to know how to open or access blocked websites just follow the steps.

How To Access Blocked Websites?

Steps For PC Users to unblocked any Websites:

For those who want access blocked websites on Pc then you need to install a proxy add-on or extensions on your web browser chrome or firefox. I have some top proxy extensions, you can use any of them.

#1. ZenMate! (BEST FOR ME)

ZenMate is the best Chrome extensions VPN. It will help you Hides your real location and activity and access any website from anywhereI. It is free and you can access any site by 4 countries.

#2. Dot VPN

Dot VPN is another similar service to ZenMate and provides access to restricted websites as well as VoIP applications, and its free to use and high-speed connection without connection dropping.

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After Installed just active them and try to open blocked a site. It will 100% woking. You can easily unblock any site on chrome or firefox browser.

Steps For Android Mobile Users unblocked any Websites:

I have some free Android VPN apps which help you to access blocked websites on Android devices. Here is the list of free VPN for androids:


ZPN free VPN is not only for Android it is also available for Windows, OS. Free users get up to 10GB every month for access.

ZPN VPN helps to access blocked websites, protect your privacy, surf internet anonymously and hide your original IP address.

#2. TroidVPN – Android VPN

TroidVPN – Android VPN is also a free VPN. It will help you to access any blocked websites anywhere.

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For access any blocked website you need to follow the steps. PC user can access blocked websites by the install and active those VPN extensions and Android device user can install an Android VPN app any of them, then open the VPN app and connect, you will be able to access blocked websites.

If you need to know more about how to access blocked sites in Chrome On PC or Phone comment here.

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