To protect your online identity and attack from hackers is to use a VPN that can hide your IP address and you can securely browse the internet. But VPN is not free, to use a good VPN you need to pay the VPN provider, So Alternatively you can use the free browser with integrated VPN.

VPN browser can access a blocked website that is blocked by a country for some reason. Also helps to hide your identity without any cost. An integrated VPN browser allows you to access blocked content by region and unblock any website without having to install additional VPN software or addon.

BTW, There are so many browsers with VPN but here We have put a list of the best VPN browser with a high-speed proxy server. Just see the list below and chose which will be better for you.

The Best Free Browser with Integrated VPN

1. UR Browser

UR Browser with Integrated VPN

UR Browser is a new browser but comes with amazing features. It has built-in VPN support, ad-blocker and it also has privacy protection features to keep you safe online.

Features of UR browser:

  • available for windows and iOS
  • Build-in FAst VPN Free but Premium quality
  • Fast and secure
  • Adblocker integrated
  • virus scanner

Compared to Chrome, UR browser lighter and seem to not affect the system performance, even with multiple tabs open, the browser controls resource usage well.

UR Browser also allows you to customize the browser look with wallpapers and theme.

UR Browser

2. Aloha Browser

Aloha Browser with vpnAloha Browser is an awesome web browser that comes with free VPN. One of the best things is that the web browser allows unlimited use of the VPN for free.

Features Of Aloha Browser

  1. Integrated With VPN
  2. Available for Android and iOS
  3. ad blocker
  4. background playback-supported media player
  5. Data save mode etc.

Additionally, you can also subscribe to Aloha Premium for $2.99 per month for extra features like VPN Country selection, WiFi file sharing, support for ZIP files, custom themes, and much more.


3. Epic Browser

epic Browser with Integrated VPNEpic Browser is a a best web secure browser with free VPN ( proxy ). The web browser can blocks ads, trackers, fingerprinting, crypto mining, ultrasound signaling and more.

Some Best Features

  1. Available for Windows and OS X
  2. Free VPN with 8 countries server
  3. Adblocker and no browser history
  4. Hide your ISP and from govt.

One major feature of Epic is the privacy mode or incognito mode, all the data such as cookies, cache, browsing history and all contents of the browser’s cache automatically delete when a user closes Epic.


4. Opera Browser

Everyone know about Opera Browser one of the oldest browser and super fast. Opera has released a new version with built-in VPN as well as Ad-blocker support for both PC and smart phone.

opera with vpnFeatures Of Opera

  • built-in VPN also enable-disable options
  • Available for Windows, Android, iOS
  • Ad-blocker to block ads and popups
  • Fraud and malware protection

In addition, it also offers Facebook Messenger, Dark Mode, VR player support, built-in snapshot tool, battery saver and more.


5. Tor Browser

tor browser with free vpn

Tor Browser is one of the Best Free Browser with Integrated VPN. If Tor browser is blocked by your ISP, you can configure Tor during the setup process.

To unblock any restricted or forbidden website Tor is of the best choice.

Download Tor

6. Tenta VPN Browser

tenta browserTenta browser is a new browser with a built-in VPN along with other privacy feature. It is a free browser with integrated OpenVPN and no data limits for the usage and you can connect to different VPN servers. Currently, there are only four server locations – Miami, Seattle, Netherlands, and Singapore.

Features Of Tenta

  • Built-in VPN with 4 server options
  • connect vpn in multiple server in same time
  • automatically delete history


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