In this article, I will share with you the best free Proxy sites with high-speed Proxy servers. We know that when any useful website is blocked by ISP or Governments ( many reasons to blocked ), we feel very bad that we can’t access those sites. If you still want to access those useful sites, you can use a free web proxy site to access those useful sites.

Proxy websites allow you to open or access blocked web pages in any place or any blocked websites by high-speed proxy servers.

Best Free Proxy Sites With High Speed Proxy Servers

What is a Proxy Site?

Proxy sites are the sites designed to give you access to the world wide web keeping your identity anonymous. Proxy sites help you access blocked websites and also hide your location. Proxy sites are connected with high-speed proxy servers.
Alternatively, many people access blocked websites by using VPN. VPN also helps you access blocked websites same as for proxy sites but VPNs are not free, you need to buy them. You can also create a VPN by using VPS or you can also use a Free VPN add-on. Check here fast free proxy list.

Features Of Web Proxy sites:

  1. Security with SSL
  2. Virus-free
  3. No hacking
  4. Optimized and High-speed server
  5. Regular update
  6. Secure and no worry to catch

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Top 5  Free Web Proxy 2021 (High-Speed server with Downloading Support )

RankWeb Proxy SitesLocation of Proxy Servers Total server
1Best Free Proxy Sites With High Speed Proxy ServersWorld Wide3K+
2proxysite.comThe USA and Europe20
4proxy.toolur.comUSA, France, Germany, Netherlands12 web proxyUSA,UK,Russia,France,Netherlands10
6kproxy.comThe USA States and Europe10

1. HideMyAss –  Best Free Proxy

hidemyass best free proxy

HMA or HideMyAss are well-known companies in the VPN field and free proxy website services Located in England. This web is an easy and simple solution that you can use. In the main view, there is an address bar that you can use to access certain sites without showing your IP address. There are also options for using SSL certifications and other features.


2. ProxySite – Top Web Proxy Site

proxysite best high speed proxy site

ProxySite hosting is available on gigabit networks, where it gives you a guarantee that your internet speed will not drop when tunneling your data. There are 2 choices available on this web, which you can choose above or below the address bar for a better browsing experience. Choose whether you want to encrypt the URL or not, allow cookies, or delete scripts and objects for faster loading.


3. Hide. me – The Fastest Free Proxy - The Fastest Free ProxyHide. It is also a simple web proxy website that gives you an anonymous proxy. Without installing any additional software or tools, you can explore blocked websites from 3 different locations it supports. Currently, the Netherlands, the United States, and Germany have been added as locations from where you can access the website by simply entering the URL.

Hide. me

4. VPNBOOK – Free Web Proxy Unblock FB and Youtube

VPNBOOK - Free Web Proxy Unlock FB and YouTubeVPNBOOK is another free web proxy website that you can try to surf the internet. This is a very simple website where you only need to enter the target URL you want to open. There are three different proxy servers from different locations and there is a fourth option as well as a random proxy server. This is a website that is smart enough and automatically blocks scripts on websites that you open.


Here you can see some more VPN proxy sites:

Free Web Proxy Sites With High-Speed Proxy Servers

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You can use them for unlocking websites and securely access blocked websites. All proxy has a with high-speed internet.

I will update proxy servers regularly. If some proxy is not working then comment here.

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