10 Tips To Choosing A Domain Name For BlogChoosing the right domain name is one of the things that is important when you want to build a blog or website and also surely it is the hardest one too. Sometimes In the process of selecting a new Domain Name, you may get Confusion also. You must choose a domain name that not only fits your blog but is also easy to find and promote.

Tips To Choosing A Domain Name

1. Do not use a free domain name

The first thing is not to use a free domain.

Many bloggers register their blog to a free domain because they do not have the money to buy a paid domain. There is some Top Free Domain such example. TK, GA, ML, etc.

If you want to start a blog then don’t use any free domain.because

  • Free Domain is not entirely free, usually just free the first year or no hidden requirements
  • One time my friend lose access to domain without notice
  • Free domains are often used by blogs spam. Someday to get banned by Google
  • Ugly, not professional, not cool

2. Forget EMD, select a domain brandable.

EMD or stands for the Exact-Match Domains is a domain that uses keywords and keyword targeted to get the first page in search engines.

Examples of example you are targeting a keyword ” How to create a blog ” and then you use these keywords as you like EMD Domain ” www.how-create-blog.net “Brandable domain is better than EMD, It is easy to find on the search engine.

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3. Do not use a trademark in your domain name

This one usually is often overlooked by when registering a domain name.Though using the trademarks or registered trademarks of others in the domain name can be a risky blog.

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For example, my friend makes a blog with domain name mynewgoogle.com, It is not possible later Google will contact him to demand fines 500 million for using their trademark without permission.

4. Select the extension.COM,NET or. Co TLD

The extension is a suffix, such as COM or.NET, at the end of a Web address. It has a specific purpose, so be sure to choose one that works for your business. COM is far more popular, but here are a few other top extensions and are often used:

  • .co: company, commerce, and community sites
  • .info: information site
  • .net: Technical, infrastructure site Internet
  • .org: Non-commercial and non-profit
  • .me: blog, resume or personal websites

5. Create a domain name as unique as possible

Try to create a domain name as unique as possible, do not imitate an existing domain name. For example, your blog talks about technology, then try not to use the word ” Techno ” in the domain name.

Because as far as I have seen are very many tech blogs that use the word ” Techno ” in the domain name.I think it is too market.

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6. Ensure easily typed, remember and pronounce

There are millions of domain names registered, select the domain name must also be easily typed, remember and pronounce. Once you find a name for the domain, share with close friends to make sure it sounds interesting and it makes sense for others.

Here are tips on choosing a domain name that is typed, pronounces and remember.

  • Try not to use numbers in your domain just as myblog123.com
  • Also, avoid using hyphens in domain names as well as my-blog.com
  • Avoid using difficult words to spell on a domain such as searchoptimization.com
  • Do not use excessive words as with a length of 4 words

7. Do not use the expired domain

Expired domain, I mean those domains already used by others or the domain is already expired and It can be registered again.

Actually not a problem if we use a domain that has been registered, But sometimes the expired domain exists that still contain negative as well as the website spam, pornography, Sara or the other thing is negative.

Besides not least also the expired domain that has been banned by the search engine Google, or even banned Google AdSense, which means that uses the domain of your blog is not going to appear in search engines and also can not be monetized with Google AdSense.

8. Protect and Build Your Brand

To protect the brand, you have to buy a variety of domain extensions and misspelled versions of your domain name. This is to prevent competitors from registering another version and make sure your customers are directed to your website, even if they mistype.

9. Register a domain in a trusted place

Tips on choosing a domain name that I mentioned above are very important, but there is one more thing that is no less important. the Best domain provider: GodaddyNamecheap etc.

10. Tips from visitors:

This is for our visitors if anyone wants to share any tips for choosing a perfect domain.  So if you want to share your tips then comment here.

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  1. Hey! This is my first visit to your blog!This is a great article. You are amazing! Thanks!.Keep in mind that it is not all about what you want but what is good for your perspective. Research and understand what your visitors like. Just because a find a name good, it doesn’t necessarily mean your visitor find it appealing. Don’t be afraid to ask for an opinion from people who surround your venture because they may just come up with a great domain name. If you have a small website, seek advice from friends or family members. If you are well established, seek services from consultancy firms on the best domain name. Check to see if the domain name is a trademark to avoid violating someone’s trademark. Don’t take chances because you may have to pay hefty fines for these violations or you may end up giving away a brand that you have built for a while.


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