So, you have finally decided to let go of your sweetheart and are now looking for a decent way to sell iPhone 8 at a reasonable price. 

With iPhone 12 pro max hogging the spotlight and 13 about to take off from its launchpad, it becomes necessary that your iPhone 8 makes way for them. Well, giving an excellent farewell to your old friend is utterly essential, now that you have decided to bid it adieu. 

And, we will help you with that. We have put together 3 ways in which you can sell iPhone 8.

3 ways to sell iPhone 8 at a decent price in 2021

Sell iPhone

It is hard to see your pocket companion go, that too when it has served you so well over all these years. Wishing it a safe goodbye is something that goes without saying. 

1. Choose a buy-back service provider.

There are plenty of companies who would buy your iPhone 8 and pay you a good amount, but your iPhone should be in good shape for that to happen. 

It should be fully unlocked and must be functioning smoothly. 

Buy-back websites may not accept cracked screens, duplicate bodies and any defect in the phone. However, some of them accept iPhones with minimal flaws, but their price will bear the brunt. 

Even if the iPhone is functioning well, a cracked screen might be the reason for a $20 dip. So, better confirm all the conditions before choosing a buy-back company. 

2. Chose a trade-in or selling service provider

 If the buy-back option didn’t impress you that much then, watch out for this option. 

Trade-in service providers allow you to trade your current iPhone8 for a better version, such as a 12. Gizmogo’s trade-in options allow you to trade your iPhone 8 for a higher model.

You get a newer model at a reasonable price after deducting your iPhone 8’s agreed price.

Furthermore, you can also sell your iPhone for cash with them and get great deals in terms of buying prices. All you need to do is ensure that your iPhone’s iCloud account is unlocked and properly working.  

They provide an excellent platform for sellers looking to get some cash-in-hand too.

3. The “Sell it yourself” option.

Lastly, you can choose to sell your iPhone 8 by yourself on online platforms. It Is a bit risky though as you will have to trust random people. 

You might encounter some flakes who would never show up in person after making false promises to you. Moreover, on some platforms, you might have to pay for listing your product and the commission on the purchase. 

In some cases, you will be asked for the shipping charges and sales fees too. So, selling your iPhone 8 yourself is somewhat risky.

Final Thoughts

Selling your phone is no cakewalk in today’s world. Knowing your customer’s background is extremely important before selling your device to them. 

You never know, the phone you sold yesterday may well be used in committing crimes. So, finding the right and genuine ways to sell your iPhone should be your top-most priority. 

The ways mentioned above ask customers to list their identity before the purchase. You can even establish a one-to-one conversation knowing who they actually are. Moreover, through these ways, you can get a decent price for your iPhone 8.

Note: The “sell it yourself” option may not guarantee you the best of experiences because it purely depends upon the type of platform you choose for selling.

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