Streaming is one of the leading and sought-after entertainment mediums of the current situation. People are spending thousands of dollars creating the state-of-the-art streaming experience at home to enjoy their favorite content in Ultra HD and 4K quality.

However, the majority of streamers end up having pathetic streaming experience, and most of the time, they do not even know what appears to be the issue.

As a streaming enthusiast and victim of several terrible streaming experiences, I finally figured out some of the major issues that cause your streaming setup to suck. 

Streaming Setup

1- Using Cheap or Free VPN

Many streaming services have regional-based content libraries that streamers unblock by using a VPN to expand their content catalog. However, not every VPN can successfully bypass geo-restrictions and face proxy error problems on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Moreover, the limited bandwidth of these VPN services kills the streaming speed and causes you to face endless buffering while streaming.

2- Slow Internet Speed Than Required

No matter how powerful a streaming setup you create or get is; if you do not have the required internet speed, your streaming setup will suck a big time.

To remedy this you’ll first want to test my speedto figure out what your internet upload and download speeds are currently and then check what internet speed is required to stream your desired content at your preferred quality. For example, Hulu needs 6 Mbps speed to stream in HD 1080p and 16 Mbps speed for Ultra 4K streaming.

 So, if you are not getting enough internet speed, then be prepared to have a terrible streaming experience.

3- Stored Cache and Cookies

Don’t be quick in starting a blame game on your internet service provider. The problem can be happening from your end. The stored browsing and app cache in your streaming devices like SmartTV, gaming console, mobile, and computer can cause a lot of trouble for streaming services to work properly. Maybe it is time to look inwards and clear up the unnecessary cache to make a smooth streaming setup.

4- Bandwidth Throttling

Bandwidth throttling is one of the most significant barriers to having a smooth streaming experience.  It is the practice of intentionally slowing down the internet speed by your local internet service provider. This activity is performed to prevent server crashes and limit bandwidth congestion. In layman’s terms, ISP minimizes the streamer’s usage of bandwidth to control the uploading and downloading speed.  

The bandwidth is one of the most significant elements to get an ideal streaming setup. Therefore, the streamers must get a better and more expensive internet plan to stop bandwidth throttling. 

5- Outdated Wi-Fi Router

Many streamers do not even consider router maintenance as a part of their streaming setup. They just set it up and forget about it. A Wi-Fi router requires constant maintenance and upgradation. Keep in touch with your manufacturer to get information about firmware updates.

Moreover, resetting the Wi-Fi router in a few days is a good practice to ensure a smooth streaming experience. If these minor tweaks do not impact your streaming setup, then it is time to upgrade your router device.

6- Outdated Operating System

Many streaming services require a specific type of operating system for optimal functionality like Disney Plus requires the Tizen OS to work properly on Samsung Smart TV. An updated streaming device is directly proportional to the seamless streaming setup.

Tips for Creating a Decent Streaming Setup

Get Premium VPN/Proxy

A virtual private network is a dire need to have the best streaming experience. Firstly, it allows you to unblock numbers of hidden titles on famous streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime to expand your content catalog.

Secondly, the top-notch security protocol protects your privacy. Many streamers have become a victim of a cyberattack in this pandemic. A VPN helps you mask your identity and create a protection wall for you to stream securely.

Use Ethernet Connection

The world is going wireless for convenience, but to have a top-notch streaming experience, you need some killer internet speed that can only be achieved via a hardwired connection.

Get an Ethernet cable to stream at blazing fast speed in Ultra HD quality without any buffering.

Wrapping Up

There could be several other reasons that could cause trouble in setting up the perfect streaming setup. But these were some of the commonly occurred conundrums that come in the way of having an ideal streaming experience. Just make sure to address these challenges one by one to binge without buffering. 


Manoj Chakraborty
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