The Dubai government announced to launch self-driving cars imminently. People usually get tired while driving a vehicle for long miles. If you also find driving hectic, you should be very delighted as you will not have to hire a chauffeured service anymore. These driverless cars will be able to drive themselves and they will take you anywhere you want.

Initially, trials were made to automate only public transports. But now, keeping in view the demand of people who claim to hire automated wheels even at higher prices, private vehicles will also be automated. If you don’t like to hire a chauffeur From Rent A Car Dubai service and are also unable to drive, you should go for driverless autos immediately after their launching in the Dubai automobile market.

In this blog, we will discuss:

  • What are self-driving cars?
  • Are self-driving vehicles associated with artificial intelligence technology?
  • Features of driverless automobiles
  • Is there any sensor to avoid an emergency situation?
  • Final thoughts

What are self-driving cars?

Self-driving automobiles are basically automated vehicles. You don’t have to bother yourself to drive these vehicles as they are autonomous and driverless. Are you thinking about how your auto will sense obstacles on the road? Actually, these driverless vehicles rely on some software, hardware, along with machine learning for the purpose of navigation.

Your self-driving auto will automatically navigate all the road conditions and obstacles to protect you from accidents. Along with the road obstacle navigations, such autonomous vehicles will also observe weather changes by using built-in sensory data.

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Are self-driving vehicles associated with artificial intelligence technology?

If yes, you are under a strong misconception. The autonomous technology of vehicles has nothing to do with artificial technology. You will be amazed to know that the auto industry has become so advanced that it can achieve many levels of automation without artificial intelligence.

Technologists have installed various features in these vehicles to make your automobiles self-driving. Some of the features responsible for the automation of vehicles are lane assist, adaptive cruise control, and brake assist. So, self-driving cars are not relying upon artificial intelligence but the vehicle industry is progressing due to new strategies of controlling motors.

Features of driverless automobiles

Self-Driving Cars

You might be thinking about the unique features and specifications which make such cars automated. Self-driving vehicles use a number of specifications to make their system more sensitive to observe even slight change. The following are some specifications that your future autonomous vehicle will contain.



Have you ever thought about how even a small obstacle on the road will be sensed by these automobiles? If yes, your query is going to be answered. Such autonomous motors come with complementary sensors which are used for such purposes. Some sensors are in the form of hardware while others are software to ensure the car’s safety drive.

Your autonomous wheel will be tracked throughout by enabling GPS with the help of hardware and help to prevent you from wrecking your car. If you are interested in checking the speed with which these driverless cars move, you can evaluate it from the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). Moreover, ultrasonic sensors are installed in such wheels to sense and detect obstacles and objects.

High-Resolution Cameras

High-Resolution Cameras

Besides sensors, cameras having high resolution are installed in such self-driving autos. Cameras will work to detect small and slight movements in your surroundings by the vision software. With the help of such software and high-resolution cameras, your autonomous car will be enabled to observe detailed information on all the surroundings.

Have you ever heard about the Tesla automobiles? Tesla vehicles are the earliest cars with autonomous technology. You will be surprised to know that Tesla automatic motors have almost 8 cameras facing externally to observe all the surroundings around your wheels.

Now the question is what if the visibility becomes blurred due to smog, fog, or storm. You have no need to worry at all because there is a backend working system for every purpose in such cars. Such vehicles will also have a redundant system along with cameras to visualize the world around you.


RADAR and LIDAR are the ultra-sensory supplements in self-driving vehicles. If you are planning a Dubai trip in winters, we suggest you rent an automated vehicle from the Cheapest Rent A Car in Dubai company. Have you thought why particularly in winters? If yes, the answer is visibility gets low in winters due to fog, smog, and storms.

Self-driving cars come with higher resolution sensors like Radio Detection and Ranging (RADAR). Radar of driverless autos continues to emit radio waves which after reflection provide information about the direction, speed, and distance of the object coming on your way.

Furthermore, Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) device is used to evaluate surroundings by the provision of accurate geographical data in multi directions. LIDAR will continue to emit lasers continuously to track all the things on the road at the speed of light. You know what laser beam can even detect a small ball rolling on the road.

Besides these, there are various other specifications including algorithms and computations which make the autos self-driving. You should be satisfied with the safety and security of your driverless cars before getting into the seat.

Is there any sensor to avoid an emergency situation?

Yes, you can use a microphone in case your vehicle fails to sense a nearby accident or danger. Many people overlook the most important audio sensor for self-driving autos. No matter if you will not be able to afford such an autonomous car. You will be eligible to rent it from the Monthly Car Rental Dubai company after their launching in the Dubai car industry.

Final thoughts

We have mentioned the features of self-driving cars you need to know. We are going to witness these cars as they will hit the road soon. Moreover, if you have a plan to spend family vacations in Dubai in the future, you should hire an automobile from the RentalcarsUAE to enjoy your trip at your own pace and comfort.

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