World or local travelling is dream leisure for anyone, counting students and average workers. But people are usually held back by various reasons, such as lack of time and money, and don’t dare to move from dreams to plans.

Actually, you may find eternal excuses why you can’t afford to travel as a student. But what you really need is a look from the other side. You have to search for opportunities to make travelling possible no matter what, but not vice versa.

Make the Decision and Settle Plans

Once you get an idea to travel during vacations, catch and hold on it tightly. Start planning from that very moment not to let your hesitations overcome your decision.

You may start to collect information, useful sources such as rentals of party buses in California, and save money instantly. The more you get prepared beforehand, the easier it will be later for you to implement your dreams.

So, consider the main points for the beginning. Choose your destination, means and schedule of travel, travel budget, and other significant details of your journey. It is obvious that you will make some amendments over time but at least you will already have a milestone of your travel.

Save Money to Travel

The biggest challenge students face when they dwell on travelling is the upcoming expenses. Actually, this is one of the most common turn-offs for young people when they plan to travel but lack money for it.

In case you are not ready to give up and bury your dream, you need to find the most beneficial way to save and earn money and implement your travelling plans with ease.

  • Part-time job – the most common solution is a part-time job. Who didn’t earn some extra peanuts in student years? Babysitting, car wash, assisting in shop or cafe, anything will suit for additional income.
  • Limits on expenses – there will be no point in earning and saving if you keep on wasting on some nonsense. So tracking your expenses is another good way to save money. Stop eating out and prepare food at home if you can, buy more ordinary clothes, no need for design stuff, choose cheap leisure, give up some bad habits. The more you try now the better your journey will be in the nearest future.
  • Use your college stuff – you can have a lot of college stuff piling up in the corner and even not suspecting that you can get a profit out of it. There are often flee markets organized specially for students, where you can sell used textbooks, useful notes, or offer tutoring services or preparation to some tests.
  • Exploit your knowledge – if you study well and overcome your peers in certain subjects a lot, why not get used of your proficient knowledge. Tutoring is not the only way to make money. You can also do some scientific work, such as writing a dissertation proposal, assisting in some project or research, and more. Ask on campus or talk to your professors, and you will find a way to benefit from your skills financially.

This list can last eternally since there are multiple ways to earn extra cash for travelling with no difficulties. Take into account your skills and possibilities and select the top suitable way to earn your dream journey.

Set on a Beneficial Journey

Once you have collected enough money and planned your travel thoroughly, look through all things one more time, and apply some useful life hacks to make your travel maximum beneficial and delightful.

  • Don’t tie yourself – if you have only a month for travelling and the rest of the year is loaded with work and studying, consider changing your routine. Take a gap year, apply for student exchange program or courses abroad, which help you prolong your journey as much as possible, and you will never regret.
  • Use experience – it is good to learn from mistakes, but better not from your own ones. So, talk to experienced travellers and collect some useful tips to improve your travel and prevent as many problems as possible.
  • Travel longer – the longer you travel the more chance you have to take most out of your journey and make it worthy, so don’t limit your time if that’s possible.
  • Exchange cultures – think about not only financial benefits. Make friends abroad, learn about cultures and enrich your knowledge and skills with local precious and unique things.
  • Have a backup plan – be flexible about your travelling, don’t limit your options, and have a backup plan for different situations, not to let surprises spoil your journey.
  • Consider bank details – consult with your bank beforehand, learn about exchange rates, currencies and bank fees, to include it in your travel budget.
  • Get your student ID – collecting documents for your journey, consider applying for an International student ID card. It will grant you with premium discounts in different countries.

Being a student and travelling abroad can be simple and delightful. Put thorough efforts into preparation, find your convenient way to earn and save money, search and learn some useful tips and peculiarities, and implement your dream journey easily. Remember, that there is nothing impossible for a willing heart.

Manoj Chakraborty
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