Right Instagram Hashtag – Using Right Instagram hashtag appropriately can trigger a lot of likes and followers, and such things are certainly everyone’s dream.

Hashtags cannot be separated from social media, because hashtags can make it easier for someone to find the latest posts or show their posts to others.

Right Instagram Hashtag

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Using the most popular Instagram hashtags

Before you use Instagram hashtags, then you must first know which hashtag is the most popular on Instagram.

How to?

You can use the Top Hashtag site, where this site provides a list of the top 100 Instagram hashtags that have been used for you.


most popular Instagram hashtagsFor example, you are or will make a post about fashion, then you can choose a hashtag of fashion by clicking on it.

When you have clicked the fashion hashtag, you can choose various kinds of hashtags to use in your latest posts.

Sone example of fashion hashtag:

#models #istanbul #instacool #instagreat #instastyle #instalike #modelling #agency #turkei #batikcoupel #batikmodern #batiksarimbit #batikgamis #batikgamiskombinasi #gamis #gamismotif #gamisset #lilith #jakarta #batam #bekasi #medan #surabaya #semarang #jogja #yogyakarta #lampung #selebgram #jakartashop #gamismurah

So, for the use of Instagram hashtags every post is maximal or targeted, then you can use the Top Hashtag site.

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Find Right Instagram Hashtag According to Topics

In addition to using the Top Hashtag site, you can also use the Display Purposes site for your Instagram hashtag.

For example, you will make the most recent posts about funny things, so you can put the word “Stupid” on Display Purposes to issue or provoke other hashtags to appear.

How to Use the Right Instagram Hashtag for Every Post

You can see how much relevance and popularity of all the hashtags raised by Display Purposes. You may also use a hashtag generator to create more appropriate hashtags for your content.

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Don’t Forget the Hashtag Alone

If you don’t use the help from the two sites above, it’s certainly not why because basically, the important points emphasized in using hashtags are searching for the most popular and according to the topic.

In addition to searching for the most popular and in accordance with the topic, you can also add your own hashtag so that when more accounts are known to many people, you no longer need to create hashtags that line up.

What is the meaning of the hashtag itself?

Hashtags are your trademark. For example, you have a website for “contohsaja.com,” then just use #examplesajadotcom in each post, and the hashtag will automatically become your trademark.

So that the hashtag of each post is right:

  1. Use popular hashtags
  2. Use hashtag according to the topic
  3. Don’t forget to use the hashtag yourself

So, that’s the third way to search, while using the right hashtag for each of your Instagram posts.


The initial purpose of making a hashtag is none other than to divide or classify a topic to make it easier to find.

However, over time, the use of hashtags widened, where one of them was to add likes and followers on Instagram.

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