Instagram is a very popular application for iOS and Android, and it’s very fun to use, but sometimes you find some profiles that are Personal. The problem with Personal profiles is that you cannot view or even open profile photos in full resolution. So In this tutorial, I am going to share with you how to see or view private Instagram profiles and photos without following and also without survey.

View Private Instagram Profiles And Photos Without followingWhy can’t we see photos or videos from privatized Instagram accounts? the question is the answer to one’s privacy. Obviously, everyone has the right to maintain their privacy, therefore many Instagram users private accounts for security reasons and others.

Indeed, there are many people in this world (including those of you who are reading this article) who think that if the IG account is being privatized it actually makes you curious and more tempting, so we look for ways to see Instagram’s photos on Protect. One way to see photos and videos from privatized Instagram accounts is to follow him first.

But If you want to view any personal profile without following them you read bellow methods.

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How to use the Personal Instagram Profile Photo viewer

With The first Method, you can only see the profile photo, usually, the Instagram photo profile that looks private in small size and is not clear, but in this way you can open the profile photo in a large size, so that it will appear more clearly and even you can download the photo.

1. First of all, download the application from the link below. The link will take you to the Google Play store and you can download it from here.

[sociallocker id=8551][maxbutton id=”1″ url=”” text=”Profile Photo viewer” ][/sociallocker]

2. Now open Instagram and visit the Personal Instagram Profile.

3. Press the menu button 3 points at the top right of the screen and select the option “Copy profile link” (Copy Profile URL). This will retrieve the user’s profile url and save it on the clipboard of your Android phone.

copy image url4. Open the application that we downloaded earlier and now press and hold the text field. The popup will appear with the “Paste” option. Press and the url will now be attached to the application.

5. Now just press the search icon and the application will start searching for profiles.

6. After finding the profile, you will be given the option to view the DP. This is a personal account profile photo.

7. Press “View DP” (DP View) button and the full resolution display image will now start loading. You can also press download (download) and the image will be saved on your mobile storage.

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Personal Instagram Profile Photo viewer Apps

Looking at Instagram that is locked can also be through some third party applications below. Please choose one and download according to your taste. Here is a list of other people’s privacy-breaking applications:

1. Ink361
2. Extragram
3. Copygram
4. Pingram
5. Instagreat
6. Instagrid
7. Followgram
8. Webstagram
9. Instagram +

1. Install one of the applications above (can be searched on google play, or in the browser)
2. If it is installed, log in using your IG account. (some applications need to log in first)
3. And look for accounts that are privatized.
4. Done, easy isn’t it?

How to View All Instagram Private Photos

  • Creating a Fake Account

If you succeed this way, you will have more time for his head, safer for the long term.

  • You follow their IG, if you have not confirmed it, try sending a message and asking for confirmation. (use fake Instagram account)
  • Create a new IG account that can attract his attention, not even those of us who follow him instead who follow us first. You can use a beautiful girl account if your target is a boy, otherwise you can use a guy account with an attractive appearance if your target is a girl. Use your instincts.

Anyway, if you want to try creating a new account on Instagram, now you don’t need to first issue an existing account because now 1 Instagram application on your mobile phone can be used for multiple accounts.

To be faster and easier, the Instagram list uses Facebook only, with a note that your main account is not related to Facebook.

As for how to create an Instagram account with a Facebook account via the method below.

How to Create an Instagram Account with Facebook

  1. At First, you have to open the Instagram application on the smartphone.
  2. Enter the main account page and click 3 points down in the top right corner
  3. scroll it down and tap Add Account
  4. select Sign in with Facebook
  5. After that, enter your Facebook email and password and click Ok
  6. Finished

Online Website Assistance

Many suggest also using help from online websites that have the function to open Instagram in private, but I do not recommend using this method, because of the many websites that are scattered on the internet all fake aliases are fake.

Note: This tutorial is only made for the purpose of knowledge only and we do not intend to cause any privacy issues. If you start using this method for improper methods, you will be fully responsible.


Now, that’s a short tutorial on how to view Private Instagram Profiles and photos using the Android application. If you feel this tutorial is useful, be sure to share it with others on your social media account. Thank you for visiting.

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