The Microsoft Word document format is trendy and is deemed the in practice standard by numerous users. It is a requested documentation format, and many demands to receive the work as a DOC or DOCX Microsoft Word file. A weakness in formatting the word document and lack of knowledge could create problems to get your job done.

Microsoft Word specialties address it more usefully in some interrelated situations, and the users find it easier to work with than Pages. Mac users can not deny that these Word files on Mac are tricky to work with, and if you by chance lost the file, it might be challenging to retrieve it back without sound knowledge. If you are an Office 365 user, you might need to know how to recover unsaved word document mac for listed reasons:

  • The app crashes due to a power shortage while you are working on a file.
  • Hard disk damage or corrupted storage devices start losing files.
  • Data loss due to virus or malware attack.
  • Unintentionally deleting files from your hard disk.

Part 1: Best Way to recover Word Document Mac- Tenorshare 4DDiG

Many mac users have this question in their mind after losing an important word document. How to recover an unsaved word document on mac? Is it possible? Well, the answer is yes when you delete a file, the file is still there on the hard drive until another file is saved to the exact location.

It is likely to regain deleted word files even after emptying the Trash bin even though the file is no longer visible to you and readable by the computer, but it is there; thus, data recovery is plausible. It would be best to have dependable data recovery software for the recovery that can help you retrieve deleted files, including permanently deleted ones.

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4DDIG is a reliable Mac data recovery tool for a word document that utilizes patent recovery technology to successfully recover lost data on Mac.

  • Complete – Recover everything you lost and recover from all Mac-based devices, including USB, SD Card, digital camera, etc.
  • Trusty – 100% securely recover deleted files on Mac with a high success rate.
  • Easy – Just 3 clicks away to restore data. No tech knowledge is required.
  • Fast – Fast scan and recover your files.


Step 1: Install the 4DDiG in your system. Upon finishing installing, open it.

Step 2: Select location, i.e., hard drive, external storage.

Recover Unsaved Word Document Mac

Step 3: Start scanning. The 4DDiG will start looking up lost/deleted word files and show you the results simultaneously.

Step 4: Select the word files or folders you want to retrieve. Press the recover tab and save the file to your desired section.

Tip: Do not save the file on the former partition as it may cause a permanent data loss.

Part 2: Other Common Methods to Recover Word Document Mac

Other than using software following are the common methods to recover word document mac

Method 1: Recover Word Document Mac from Trash Bin

The deleted word document and other data files would be in the trash folder for 30 days. Look in the Trash folder in the first to recover word document mac.

Step 1: Go to the Trash bin and drag the file or folder out of it.

Step 2: Or you can select the file and then select the put-back option.

Step 3: Or in the Trash, select the file, choose to edit, and copy the file name; now, you can paste it to your desired folder.

Recover Word Document Mac from Trash Bin

Method 2: Retrieve Word Document Mac from AutoRecovery

AutoRecover is a fundamental characteristic that helps you save both data and time. It recovers word document mac quickly. You must configure the AutoRecover option in your mac first. 

Step 1: Find the path for AutoRecovery Mac files.

Path for Office 2011:

Users/username/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office/Office2011AutoRecovery

Path for Office 2008:

Users/username/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office/Office2008AutoRecovery

Path for Office 2016:


Step 2: Open the “Finder” tab and enter the aforementioned appropriate path to recover unsaved word document mac.

Step 3: Double click on the file you want, copy them to the location and save it for backup.

Retrieve Word Document Mac from AutoRecovery

Method 3: Recover Word Document Mac from the Temporary Folder

The Temporary folder by default saves the word document automatically which you are currently working on. Follow the below-given steps to recover your word file quickly.

Step 1: Go to Applications

Step 2: Click on Utilities.

Step 3: Click on the Terminal option on your screen.

Step 4: Type “open $ TMPDIR” in the Terminal and then click Enter.

Step 5: Select the temporary items folder.

Step 6:Recover unsaved word document mac in the temporary items folder.

Step 7: Right-click on the document and then select the Open With option.

Step 8: Select TextEdit to open the temporary (.tmp) file.

Step 9: Save to the desired location.

Recover Word Document Mac from the Temporary Folder

Method 4: Restore Word Document from Word Files’ Previous Version

It is the handiest and smart way to recover your data and it works well with all types of office variants such as word, excel, and PowerPoint.

Step 1: Find the File tab.

Step 2: Enter the Info option.

Step 3: Find the Manage Versions option.

Step 4: Select the previous version of the unsaved word document.

Step 5: Click on Restore to recover the word document mac.

Restore Word Document from Word Files' Previous Version

3. Tips for Avoiding Word Document/Data lost

Now you know several methods for the problem- how to recover unsaved word document mac but you must avoid losing the data in the first place look at the following to prevent data loss.

  1. When you empty the trash bin, check it for important data that is deleted by mistake.
  2. Please download a backup App like icloud. It will help you store your data and backup ready.
  3. Always turn the AutoRecovery on.
  4. Install a powerful Data Recovery Software like 4DDiG for the safe side.
  5. Shut down your system properly.
  6. Install a good antivirus to prevent malware

Losing data due to petty issues is frustrating, recovering different types of data requires various tips and tricks that could be challenging sometimes. However, retrieving the lost or deleted item from nowhere gives you the ultimate joy. Data is an integral part when it comes to work, hope these methods will help you retrieve your deleted word document.

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