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Update Kodi

How to Update Kodi Latest Version on Any Device 2023

Kodi is a platform that needs to be maintained with the latest add-ons and the newest version itself. Follow this guide carefully to see...
Best iOS Emulators IPadian

Best iOS Emulators for Running Apps & Games on Windows PC

Do you want to run an iOS application or Games on a Windows PC or want to know about the best iOS emulators for...

Apple ID Sign Out is Not Available due to Restrictions [Fixed]

Q:"When I try to Sign out of my Apple ID in iPhone 13, my device's screen displays the message "Sign out is not available...
Top 5 iOS Automated Testing Frameworks

Top 5 iOS Automated Testing Frameworks

Automation has become a primary source of change to accelerate the app development life cycle without compromising on quality. But with a ton of...
shared iCloud Photos library

How to Create a Shared iCloud Photos Library with iOS 16.1

During WWDC Apple introduced us to a new way to share photos with our family members. A way that went far beyond shared iCloud albums and brought...