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Ranking Booster Backlinks – Backlinks are links that your website redirects. The number of High-Quality Backlinks is an indication of the popularity or importance of the website. Backlinks are important for SEO because some search engines, especially Google, will give more credit to websites that have a good number of quality backlinks, and consider sites that are more relevant than others on their results pages for search queries.

Anyone who has little knowledge of SEO can tell you how important it is to buy backlinks. But just getting a backlink will not work, you need quality backlinks for fruitful SEO results.

Getting quality links to blogs or websites is very important to reach page 1 position on Google. As Google’s algorithm , The Backlinks should be high quality to rank a site.”

In this Article, I am going to you how to get Ranking Booster Backlinks easily and give an extra boost your blog/site rank.

How To Get High-Quality Ranking Booster Backlinks:

1. Mozilla.org

Mozilla.org is a very well respected website which has been attributed with the highest Page rank possible, PR 9. We can call it Ranking Booster Backlinks. To get Mozilla backlinks just follow the steps:

  • Click here to Sign Up for Free Mozilla Account
  • Fill out the details and submit Sign Up form.
  • Click on Verification Link at your email to activate your Mozilla account.
  • After activation, log-in to Mozilla with your credentials and visit your profile page.
  • Insert your short bio with your website’s link. Add your photo. Click to save.
  • You are done. Now you have a PR 9 Quality Backlinks.

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2. Adobe.com

Another highly respected website, Adobe.com is yet another PR9 Website that will provide you with do-follow backlinks to your website, blog or channel.

Check how to get Adobe backlink:

  • To get backlinks click on this link to create your account
  • Verify it by clicking on the confirmation email.
  • Spend some time to create a proper profile, make sure you enter all of your details and add your image.
  • Although Adobe has removed the possibility of adding a backlink within the profile section so Here is what to do to get a backlink.

Visit the Adobe Forum, ask for help for an issue you have with your website or might have had in the past (Or you might find other people have had a particular problem on the forum who have a link in the post )

Make sure to add your full URL in the post on the forum. In a couple of days, you will see the link is live in the forum passing do follow link juice which again is very powerful.

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3. Ted.com

Ted.com is a PR8 website with innovative videos, research etc. The website can give you a do-follow backlink.

To register your account click on ted.com signup your new account, You can directly signup by facebook. After activating, Click Profile -> Edit Profile. Complete the profile section making sure you complete as many fields as possible and always add your picture or avatar.

You can even link back to your site using your main keyword which is an added bonus and provides, even more, link juice. (Add keyword and hyperlink to your site URL) You can add up to 3 websites with anchor text keywords That’s it, all done and another very powerful high authority backlink.

4. FileZilla-Project.org

It is the biggest provider of free FTP software and a highly respected trusted website. From here, you can also get high-quality backlinks.

  • First, for sign up, click filezilla-project.org Activate your account with email verification.
  • Log in and open the user control panel. Click on profile and complete the section as before,
  • Making sure you complete as many fields as possible and add your image.
  • Simply insert your backlinks in your profile and you have another high PR authority backlink.

5. Blogger.com

Blogger is a popular blogging website owned by Google. This part of the task does not involve setting up a blog, it is simply a way to get a backlink. If you don’t have a Google account create one.

Login to Blogger.com with your Google account Click on the Edit Profile link. There is a space to add your website, but this is a no-follow link (not counted as a backlink). BUT, if you edit the “About Me” section you can add your website and anchor text and get a backlink in that way.

For example, My name is Manoj and I live in India. I am the owner of
<a href=https://techpanga.com>Parenting Discussion Board</a>
Click on “Save Profile”

6. Stat Counter

StatCounter is a popular website tracking tool. In this method, you are going to get a backlink from the StatCounter forum.

Visit the Statcounter Forum and register. Log in and click on your username, then click on “user panel” and then on “edit your details” Enter your website URL in the “Your Home Page” box, Scroll down and click Save Changes.

Please note Due to spammers the forum have now set a period of time before you are allowed to update your profile and add your backlink. If you can make a post or 2 in the StatCounter forum you will get your profile access.

This is not ideal, it is still worth the effort for a valuable do follow backlink. If you do post make sure that your post is useful and either respond to someone’s comment or ask a question related to StatCounter.

7. Eventful.com

Not many people have come across Eventful.com. It is a very popular social news and celeb style site and it has achieved PR6.

  • To get backlink Sign up on http://Eventful.com and Verify Account by email.
  • Log in with Facebook or account login. Click on Profile and add your details, again making sure you add as much info as possible by clicking on “add more info”
  • To add your backlink please use this code which is basic HTML.

a href=”http://www.YourDomain.com”>Your Keyword</a>

Simply follow the steps listed above and you will feel the full power of just what these quality backlinks can do for you. By these Ranking Booster Backlinks, you can get easily better rank. So If you like my hard work please share with your friends. If you know more or have any question comment here.

Manoj Chakraborty
Hi, I am Manoj, I write tech articles to solve problems. here on techpanga, you will get tech related tricks and tips


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