How to Install or Update OpenSSH in CentOSOpenSSH is a free tool (open source) that is widely used for remote login or remote file transfer. SSH is used for encryption of network services. Now I will explain how to install or update OpenSSH in CentOS, RHEL, and Fedora.

Install or Update OpenSSH in CentOS

Before install, you must log in your VPS server via root and update your server by this code yum install update

Step 1: Install CentALT RPM Repository

Repo is used to take the system update. Please take one of the codes corresponding to CentOS used:

 Step 2: Install OpenSSH

Write this command, then Enter

yum install openssh-server

Step 3: Star OpenSSH

After installation is complete, then start OpenSSH with the command

service sshd start

So that OpenSSH is still running when a server reboot then writes this command:

service sshd start

I hope you understand correctly and if you have any problem to setting or installing process then feel free to comment here I will help you.

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