In this tutorial, I am sharing you how to create your own cloud storage on VPS with OwnCloud. Owncloud is a personal cloud service. It manages all your files very intuitively from the web interface or the desktop application or mobile. Unlike another cloud service, Owncloud allows you to host your files on your server, thus keeping them under your control. Owncloud also offers desktop application (Windows, MacOS, Linux) and mobile (iOS, Android, BlackBerry) to synchronize your data on all your media. With its many extensions, it can also manage your music, your photo gallery, contacts and more.


This tutorial is based on Debian Linux distribution (7 and 8). Owncloud is not available in the Debian repositories, so we must add the repository and its digital signature.

Adding the key (Change the 8 7 if you use Debian 7):

wget Release . Key 
apt- key  add - < Release . Key

Added deposit (same as the key, change the 8 by 7 if you use Debian 7):

echo  'deb /' >> / etc / apt / sources. list .d / owncloud. list

How To Create Your Cloud Storage On VPS?

The deposit Owncloud now being added, we will be able to use APT to get the latest version and the dependencies:

apt-get update

apt- get install owncloud

During the installation, information will be requested you (eg a password for the MySQL database). If you already have a web server / MySQL installed no information will be requested, do not worry this is normal.

Configuring Owncloud

Once the installation is complete, go to your browser. Go to the URL of Owncloud:

You are asked to enter a login and password for the administrator account. Then click on “Storage & Database” as we will use a MySQL database and not SQLite default.

After selecting MySQL database type, complete the identification of the database information with them:

Login: root
password: password informed during the MySQL installation
Database: owncloud
Host: localhost (by default prefilled)
And your cloud is ready for use. You can now install [the OwnCloud desktop client] ( ) on your computer or add extensions.

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  1. How can data stored on external party servers be 100% secure? Binfer on the other hand bypasses cloud storage servers making it very safe to send secure data. About direct file sharing.


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