The education sector is transforming rapidly due to the adoption of new technologies. Electronic calendars, whiteboards, and video conferencing software are just a few of the new technologies in use in classrooms today. Students who use technology to help them when working on assignments can improve their chances of success.

How Technologies Can Help Students While Working on Assignments

Online libraries

Educational institutions expect students to do extensive research when writing an assignment. Today they no longer have to go to physical libraries to do research.

Most colleges and universities have online libraries where they can access even more information than they can in physical libraries. They can find online books, peer-reviewed articles in journals, original documents etc. Most of these resources are free, and students access them from anywhere and at any time.

Video conferencing technology

With group chats and video conferencing, it is easy for students to communicate online. This helps those who want to discuss a topic with their peers, ask questions and find answers.

Discussions help to spark ideas that make writing an assignment easier. Students even share their assignments using online storage solutions like Google Drive and get feedback from others. Video conferencing technology can also help them to stay in touch with tutors and clarify what they don’t understand about an assignment.

Assignment help

Staying on top of assignments isn’t easy at college when students also have to attend classes, revise for exams, etc. Students may be reluctant to seek help which can make assignments take much longer to complete. They may not know they can get help from an online writing service for writing an assignment. At writing services like EduBirdie, they can find expert Ph.D. writers and ask one to “write my assignment for me when I want.’’ They can buy any paper as writers have expertise in many different subject areas. There are plenty of other academic tools they get access to that make the study process easier.

How Technologies Can Help Students While Working on Assignments

Planning and scheduling apps

A calendar app helps students to plan their assignments, enter due dates and even get reminders. They make sure they submit an assignment by its due date and that it doesn’t fall through the cracks.

Electronic submission tools make it easy to submit an assignment on time. There are also many different scheduling and time-keeping apps for download that can help them to organize their assignments, break them up into manageable parts, and complete them on time.


This is a mind-mapping tool that helps students visually organize their ideas for their assignments. It can be a great help when planning. They can create subtopics and explore their different ideas, color-coding them for clarity. Adding context to subtopics is possible with embedded media and attachments. Mindmaps can show relationships between concepts and help students to get the big picture at a glance.


Grammarly can help students to improve their writing skills. They detect and correct errors in their assignments. The free version will pick up grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. The site is user-friendly, and students can adjust settings. They can select for formality, tone, intent etc. The program highlights problems it finds in a color-coded format. Students receive suggestions on how to fix these issues.


The Hemingway app helps students to improve the readability of their writing. It is common for them to write sentences that are too long and complex. This interferes with their readability. It makes them difficult to understand. Running an assignment through Hemingway will highlight and color-code the use of passive voice, adverbs etc. It will flag sentences that are so long that they lose their meaning.


Evernote is a digital note-taking app. Students can take notes and organize them in one place. They can organize tasks for their assignments on their laptops. The free version allows them to synchronize a laptop with a mobile phone. If an idea pops into their minds, they can quickly make a note of it on their mobile phones. The free version allows students to search their notes, format them, and clip web pages to them.


Writing assignments is often challenging for students. Today, technology can help to make them less of a challenge. For example, online libraries make research easier than before, and video conferencing technology facilitates communication with peers and tutors. Students can use technology to improve their writing skills. They can edit their assignments, make sure they are plagiarism free and much more. Many commonly used programs like Microsoft Word have very useful features. They help to make assignment writing easier than ever before.

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