Download QooApp App For Android and iOS to get the opportunity to play exciting games Like PUBG on smartphones. Playing games is one thing that is often done to relieve boredom. Android and iOS users, can find various games they want through the Play Store and can directly download them.

download QooApp

The Play Store/ App Store is indeed a safe and easy place to “shop” for various applications and games. However, some apps can’t be found in the Play Store even though the user has searched for them. This is because of the region banned that is applied to various applications.

Due to this policy, Some android users cannot download games from other countries. For users who want to play games from abroad, especially in Japan, use QooApp Pro For Android.

About QooApp

For Android users, of course, the Play Store is no stranger to finding various mobile games. However, the Play Store isn’t the only place to find fun games. There are various APKs for downloading games that are more complete than the Play Store.

One of the best apps to find a complete game collection is Qooapp. This application comes from China and has a function that resembles the Play Store. Users can not only find various games, but also other applications.

In India, PUBG is banned by their govt. So Indian Players can’t download Pubg directly through the Playstore or iOS APP Store. So Indian or any other country user can download PUBG like banned apps from Qooapp. Also, you can download Minecraft pe latest version apk.

No need to worry about regional lock game policies that limit downloads in various countries. By downloading Qooapp, users from various countries can play the desired game. For lovers of all things Japan, this app is a must-have.

This application provides a way out for gamers who have difficulty playing their favorite games. Since its founding in 2014, Qooapp has become a game specialist in Asia. Even slowly this application can also download various region lock games from America and other countries.

Qooapp Advantages and Disadvantages

Qooapp is not the only application that is used to download games. However, there are various advantages possessed by this application so that it is loved by its users. Besides that, there are also some shortcomings in this Qooapp application.

Here are some lists of advantages and disadvantages of Qooapp.


  1. Has a complete game collection
  2. Make it easy for users to download games from abroad
  3. A simple and easy interface for users
  4. The size of the application is not too big
  5. Does not require a lot of RAM


  1. Not available in Playstore
  2. Because it is a third-party application, its security is not guaranteed

Steps to Download Qooapp

1. Download and Install Qooapp For Android

Can’t wait to play your favorite games from different countries? Use the Qooapp app to find hard-to-find games. Here is how to download Qooapp Apk 7.10.12.

Apk nameQooapp Apk
Version7.8.1 (278)
App size20MB
AndroidAndroid 4.1 +
Install it50000+

Download Now

  • Make sure the internet connection is fast and stable so that the download process is better
  • Click the download link provided
  • Enable unknown sources in settings to allow apps to run
  • Agree to all app policies
  • Install Application
  • Done, now users can search for games in the Qooapp application.

Qooapp pubg

2. Download and Install Qooapp For for iPhones and iPads

QooApp for iOS (iPhones/iPads) is available only in the iTunes Store and you can get this app by following the methods:

  1. First, open your iPhone and go to the iPhone Store.
  2. Sign Out and Create a new ID and set the location as Japan.
  3. After that, open the App Store.
  4. In the App Store, search the name of the QooApp for iOS.
  5. Click on the install option and wait for the downloading process.
  6. Once the app installed on your device, you can use it

How To Download Qooapp On Your PC

Qooapp is not available for windows/IOS pc, you can install it by using an android emulator or iOS emulator.

best Air iPhone ios Emulator

  1. First, download an android emulator and then install it.
  2. Once you install the emulator on your PC then open it on your PC.
  3. Now, download the APK file from the given link.
  4. Right-click on the APK File and choose “Open with emulator”.
  5. When you successfully installed it, open the emulator application and start downloading the lists of games from the App.

Features in Qooapp

Qooapp for Android and iOS


Each application has a look and features that make it easier for users. Likewise with Qooapp 7.10 apk has various excellent features. The following is a discussion of the various features in the Qooapp application.

Free Unlimited Download

After download Qooapp, users can download various games freely. Qooapp does not limit users to download various games. Users are free to download dozens of available games every day.

The number of applications that a user can have depends on the memory capacity of the device. If the memory capacity and RAM size are adequate, then playing games will be more fun.


Not only getting games that are restricted in certain countries but there are also other exciting features. The next feature after downloading Qooapp Mod is News. In this feature, users can get the latest news about the latest games.

In addition to accurate news, users can also read various game reviews from other users. This will help users before downloading the game to be downloaded.


Another good thing is that The Qooapp application is Comics. You can download various comics and read them offline. The catalog is available for every comic and skips to any chapter you want.

The users can sort the games according to the level of popularity. In addition, there is also a choice of games from various countries.

Chat Rooms

Game lovers can exchange information with various other gamers through the chat room feature. Not only chatting with one person, but users can also create groups. With this group, users can share information with members.


With the security features of a game, some games cannot be downloaded from abroad. No need to worry, various applications also provide a complete collection of games, one of which is Qooapp.

Games from abroad, especially Japan, can be downloaded to their heart’s content by users. Immediately download Qooapp APK to meet the best games from various countries.

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