Have you already heard something about the upcoming Minecraft PE updates 1.18, 1.18.0, and 1.19.1? If not, then this article will definitely be of interest to you! In this article, we bring you some information about the upcoming Minecraft PE updates 1.18, 1.18.0, and 1.19.1.

Download Minecraft 1.19

Full versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition APK 1.19 will be available to all users of Android operating systems, and will also support Xbox Live. In the upcoming updates, a large number of new content awaits you, namely trees of paradise, exciting new temples, the keeper of the enchanted forest, and much more! Let’s take a look below at all the most interesting features of the upcoming Minecraft PE updates.


Version1.18 & 1.19Release
AuthorMojang Studios
Xbox Live+
Updated onoct 1, 2022

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Direct Download 1.19.1

What’s new in updates for Minecraft PE?

In Minecraft PE 1.18, 1.18.0, and 1.19.1, the developers of the Mojang studio will add a large number of different interesting game content, all new innovations from the long-awaited Paradise Update.

New different biomes will appear in the game world, namely: the Enchanted Forest, the Paradise Temple, and an unusual village with new, and most importantly, real inhabitants! Look for the rarest tree of good and evil and collect new berries from it, which will be a new food source. The new berries are called the Fruit of Equilibrium.

Portal to Paradise

Portal to a new world called Paradise. A new portal called Paradise will be added to the game, taking you to a new and amazing biome.

To get to the so-called Upper World, you will need to build a new portal, as is the case with the version of the Cave Update Minecraft apk PE 1.17! The gates of the new portal can be created quite simply, for this players need to use a stone, but activating the teleport will not be so easy!

Portal to paradise

In order for the player to activate a new portal, you must first create a new item called Crystal Tear. To do this, you need to collect 10 tears from a mob-like Ghast.

Combine the collected tears with the bucket. After that, the player needs to go to the snowy biome and freeze the tears. The final item when interacting with a portal in MCPE 1.18, 1.18.0, and 1.19.1 will allow the player to open a portal to a new world called Paradise.

New Biomes

New Biomes minicraft

In the world of Paradise in Minecraft PE 1.19.05 everything is located on islands flying among the clouds. Yes, it looks like our favorite SkyBlock-style map.

Please note that some biomes will be impressive, while others will be small.

Enchanted forest

New Biomes minicraft 3

Players can explore a new biome in Minecraft PE 1.19 that looks very mysterious and atmospheric.

Here players can find new mobs, summon a dangerous and hostile Boss called the Guardian of the Forest and try the new Fruit of Equilibrium.

Paradise villages

The developers of the Mojang studio also decided to add new biomes to the world of Minecraft and new villages that will be called Paradise Villages, respectively. All houses in the village will be made of gold blocks. New unique trees will grow near such villages, which instead of simple foliage will grow blocks of golden foliage. Yes, most likely the value of this block will decrease slightly, but we will definitely know this later.

Also, a feature of this biome will be that in the biome it will be possible to find active new villagers with whom you can trade. But instead of the usual emerald, these villagers prefer gold bars like Piglins.

Paradise Temple

Paradise Temple

In this Minecraft Map, a new building can be of various sizes and is located in different places in the new world. The Paradise Temple can be found both on one of the islands and even in the sky. The temple was made from a new block called White Marble.

Inside the temple, there is a huge hall with statues of angels, something similar to the temples of the mythical Olympus. In each temple, you can find chests with useful and unique items from Minecraft PE.

Good and Evil Tree

New types of plants will be added to the Minecraft world, namely the Good and Evil tree. These are quite rare types of trees that players can find in the biomes of the enchanted forest. The foliage on the plant will be lilac.

Players will have the opportunity to plant such trees. If the player plants one of the presented types of trees in the Overworld, then at night the tree will emit light. Also, a new food source grows on the new tree, namely Fruit of Equilibrium. It is a fairly satisfying fruit and has a slight fall effect.

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