The COVID-19 epidemic has compelled enterprises to consider how they might enhance employee work conditions, including IT infrastructure changes. Businesses are more acclimated than ever to employing internet-based technologies to complete tasks.

When your personnel are at work, they will want a dependable internet connection to optimize their use of cloud-based apps and communications technologies. A dedicated internet connection driven by a fast, low-latency fiber optic network can improve cooperation and productivity.

Start by determining the type of internet you use

When evaluating your current workplace internet access and choosing if it’s time for an update, bandwidth and internet speed are two of the most crucial elements to consider. 

The amount of data that can be uploaded or downloaded from our device is determined by our internet bandwidth, and the speed with which data can be uploaded or downloaded on our device is what we call internet speed. Most internet providers will show you the highest upload and download speeds offered on each plan. 

Video conferencing systems, cloud-based software programs, social networking sites, online streaming, and other critical digital tools are used for bandwidth. When your bandwidth reaches its limit, you will experience a drop in performance when utilizing web-based services and apps.

Your internet connection should have a maximum bandwidth it can’t exceed. However, not all internet providers can guarantee that your bandwidth will always be optimal. Fiber optic internet is one of the best accessible choices for meeting most organizations’ capacity and internet speed expectations.

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What are the benefits of using a dedicated internet service for organizations?

A shared internet connection may be appropriate for a small organization with only a few users. Shared bandwidth could work fine if your company doesn’t rely on a stable internet connection.

However, DIA might be your savior if your organization is frequently hampered by poor service or upload and download rates. What are the benefits of using DIA?

Let’s find out:

1. Guaranteed bandwidth

DIA provides specified bandwidth for your organization’s network without monthly use constraints. You can use this guaranteed bandwidth to manage emails, host your websites and support mission-critical apps. 

2. Speed and power

Because dedicated internet access provides a fiber-based link between your LAN and the internet, connectivity rates can be as high as 100Gbps. Your ISP will also allow you to select the optimal internet speed for your business, with the option to scale up as it expands.

3. Customer service that is committed

DIA is not only speedy but also incredibly dependable because of SLAs, which are very crucial for your relationship with your provider. Why are service level agreements (SLAs) so important?

Aside from the 24/7 customer care you get, your SLA guarantees you technical help and contains details regarding packet loss (when one or more packets of data fail to transmit over a network), average repair time, uptime speeds (how dependable your system will be), and other practical organizationally relevant details.

If your expectations are not satisfied, your Internet service provider will reimburse you with discounts or something similar to store credits.

4. Upload and download speeds are the same

In most cases, dedicated internet access provides synchronous upload and download speeds, making your upload and download rates the same. Shared internet connection services often provide lower upload speeds than download rates and do not provide any assurances.

Fast upload speeds are essential for organizations with remote employees. Quick upload rates are required for reliable connections and data transfer in cloud-based apps and VoIP technologies.

5. Improved Network Security

A private network connection is often used for dedicated internet access, while a public network is used for shared internet access. On a public connection, your network is more exposed. For increased protection, businesses that handle sensitive data often employ dedicated internet connections.

NOTE: These are not, by any means, all the benefits. In addition, you also get better customer care, incredible scalability, and improved productivity, among other perks afforded by reliable and fast internet. 

Do you need dedicated internet access for your organization

When running an organization, having a dependable internet connection is more crucial than ever. If you’re still unsure about the merits of upgrading your internet connectivity, consider some of the indicators that show whether an organization will get benefits from DIA include:

  • A high number of employees are using the internet.
  • Business operations require massive downloads and uploads.
  • Streaming audio or video for teleconferencing.
  • Cloud hosting.
  • Running a data center.

If your bandwidth needs are higher than most, DIA is not just the cheaper option but a more efficient one.

Final Thoughts

Transitioning to DIA and the expenses associated with it should not be overlooked. The costs will be determined by your ISP, particularly for payments to connect you to current infrastructure or bring DIA service to your region.

Because not all buildings have the necessary infrastructure to enable these dedicated connections, it is reasonable to anticipate that the carrier’s development expenditures to bring these buildings “on-net” will be amortized and invoiced as part of your monthly recurring price.

Some specialists are exploring residential DIA in the COVID-19 era; however, be prepared for your home to be evaluated by the provider before they agree to provide you with that option.

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