This article will give you information about the time that needs to be taken to complete the CCNA question pool. The Cisco Certified Network Associate(CISCO) is the certification for the information technology entry. Everyone is searching for the CCNA questions and test papers. Take the SPOTO Cisco networking online test free.

CCNA Question Pool

What does one stand for CCNA?

The CCNA is a certificate which is issued by the networking hardware company. This certificate is for entry-level information technology which certifies your knowledge of the fundamental concepts of networking.

What is the structure of the CCNA certification exam?

There are a number of questions on the CCNA certification exam. Below are some of the types of questions that you will get on the certification exam.

  • Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs)
  • Simulation
  • Drag and drop
  • Test 

These are some of the questions patterns that you see in the certification exam of CCNA. Mostly this exam consists of the MCQ questions. SPOTO Cisco networking online test free includes the latest pattern questions. Further, this will help you in testing your time management. 

How many questions does the CCNA certification have?

In the CCNA certification, there are about 100-120 questions. And which you have to complete in 120 minutes. There are many questions that take your minimum time but that of many will consume your more time. You have to prepare your time before giving the exam. You hardly need 1 minute for every 1 question. Be ready for the exam.

There are many tricks from which you can easily crack the exam. These tricks will save your time and ensure that you can do the best in the minimum time. Such kinds of tricks will give you the assurance that you can do the questions in the minimum time. But keep in mind that there is only one chance which you will get to tick the option. Once you press the next button it will move to the next question.

And you will not get any chance to move back to the previous question. You can also improve your knowledge and time speed by giving the SPOTO Cisco networking online test free.

What are some of the facts about the CCNA certification exam?

Following are the three facts about the CCNA certification exam. 

  1. The survey:

This is a fact about the survey that you fill in the certification exam. Before the starting of the exam, you will have to fill out the survey. This survey includes some of the basic information according to your knowledge.

Such as how much you are ready for the exam? It is a human tendency that they start thinking about how it will affect their exams. But do not worry, just relax and fill the survey without much thinking.

  1. Missing questions:

There is an opinion of the people that if one misses a question then the CISCO keeps going to ask you the same question till the end. Generally, this is known as adaptive testing. And this testing method is not used by the CISCO.

There is a minimum of 15 questions that you will get in the adaptive test. And these questions are withdrawn from many pools of questions.

  1. Extra command:

The engine in the CISCO exam will act as the router for the certification exam. Yes, you can not use the extra command in the questions, if you do this it will get wrong. Once you will be told when the command is in use. 

Be prepared for the exam while you are moving to the hall. Get ready with your experience, and skills which further do not let you give a chance for the distraction from anything.


The CCNA certification exam is the exam in which you require proper skills. These skills must be ensured with your knowledge i.e. you must know which thing is to apply at what place. When you start doing the questions there are a number of questions that you will get on the screen.

Manage your sufficient time to answer all those questions. But make sure that you will solve the question in the minimum time. Because you will get 100-120 questions for 120 minutes.

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