Watching movies is fun and economical entertainment. You don’t need to spend a big budget to be able to watch quality movies, including foreign films.

However, sometimes when watching foreign films you have difficulty understanding the storyline. This is because the language factor used by the actors is different from everyday language. So, so that watching shows are still fun, here are recommendations for websites that provide subtitles for movies.

Best Movie Subtitles

You could say, is the most popular subtitle provider site. This is because the Subscene site has a simple but easily accessible user interface. Not only that, but the types of subtitles offered are also very diverse, not only limited to the language but also following the video format.

To search for subtitles on this website, you just need to go to the search field. Just type the title of the film, then a list of subtitles from the film will be displayed immediately. Choose the one that best suits your needs. site provides subtitles with many language options. For just one film, you can find many subtitle languages, ranging from English, and Indonesian, to Arabic.

You can also search for the most sought-after subtitles or are currently popular among movie lovers. Usually, the subtitles from this site have the .srt format and can be downloaded in the form of a zip folder which can later be extracted with special software. All subtitles on this site are free.

For those of you who are fans of DivX format films, you can find the subtitles on the site. On this site, you can find more than 800,000 subtitles specifically for DivX videos. You can search for subtitles by language.

Subtitle files in Opensubtitle can be directly downloaded for free. Apart from that, you can also upload your own subtitles to this site.


Just like, SubDivX also provides subtitles for movies in the DivX format. In addition to the DivX format, SubDivX also provides subtitles for DVD formats and subtitles for foreign serial films. You can also contribute as a subtitle maker on this site.

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Finding subtitles for a series or show is usually more difficult than a regular movie. This is because serial films are often considered to have little demand compared to silver screen films.

However, now you are a fan of the film series, you don’t need to be sad, is ready to provide the best subtitles for your favorite series.

Even more special, the site even has a complete collection. You can find subtitles for film series from the United States, England, France, Japan, and even Korea. Interesting right?

Just like, also provides subtitles for series movies and TV shows. However, unfortunately, the choice of languages ​​offered on this site is less when compared to However, you can easily find subtitles for popular international TV shows on this site. or subtitles.html

The site has a list of subtitles arranged in number or alphabetical order. So, for example, if you want to find subtitles for Avengers: Endgame, just go to the list of subtitles that start with the letter A. On this site, apart from downloading subtitles, you can also upload your own subtitles.

The main appearance of the website does look attractive. This website displays thumbnails of movies with subtitles provided. You can simply click on the thumbnail to find out the details of the subtitles provided by the site.

Models like this are interesting, but not practical. This is because you have to click on the thumbnail first to see what types of subtitles are available on the site.

On the SubsMax website, you can find millions of subtitles for the thousands of movies on offer. Here you can find not only subtitles for movies, but also subtitles for TV shows. The subtitles provided also have a variety of languages ​​and can follow the format of the film you have. also relies on a simple website display. Once you arrive at the website, you will immediately find a search field.

Just write the desired movie title, then the system will display a list of subtitles for the movie. On this website, you can upload subtitles too.

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