Netflix streams content internationally in addition to English-language films and TV shows. The number of Netflix subscribers has skyrocketed recently, particularly during the covid-19 outbreak and the blackout situation.

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Netflix subtitles for the majority of movies are in English, even though many customers do not understand English. If you’ve been looking for a way to watch a favorite movie or TV show on Netflix with personalized subtitles in your native tongue, you can find the solution here.

Netflix shares different content libraries for different regions and countries of the world. You can Change Netflix region by using a VPN service for desired your desired content. It will change your IP address and allow you to access your favorite content in the country of your selection from the servers.

The Netflix platform, presently being the leader in multimedia entertainment, is very popular among all moviegoers or series junkies and, consequently, among users of subtitles. Because subtitles depend on the location in which you have registered or have an account.

All genres of movies and TV series on Netflix come with a standard set of subtitles. Streaming services may occasionally offer subtitles in your native tongue.

You can therefore watch them on your Netflix account without having to order bespoke subtitles in your language in these circumstances. Netflix has an easy-to-use list of available subtitles that you can choose from.

Adding Custom Subtitles to the Netflix

  • Install the Super Netflix Firefox plugin or the Super Netflix Chrome extension.
  • Choose a Netflix title to watch. Check Netflix to see whether what you want to watch is available. Keep track of the season and number of episodes of any television show you for watching.
  • Subtitles for the episode or film you would like to view can be downloaded. Your subtitles will be delivered in the form of a ZIP file that you must unzip. The subtitle file is contained within an SRT file.
  • Netflix is unable to read the SRT file, and Super Netflix is unable to force it to do so. As a result, the SRT file must be converted to DFXP. Go to Subflicks to convert the file. Upload the file, convert it, then save the DFXP file to your computer.
  • Start Netflix and stream the desired TV show or movie. Immediately pause it so you can upload the subtitle file.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + T is a shortcut on the keyboard. When you press the shortcut key the file selection window will appear.
  • Choose the DFXP document you just downloaded.
  • In the Netflix search box, click the title symbol. The button for full screen is where it is located. Your uploaded subtitle file will show up in the list. To begin viewing Netflix with your subtitles, select it and press play.

Some Limitations

For every title you watch, you must convert the subtitle files to the DFXP format. Although it takes time, downloading subtitles is not a major concern because they are readily available.

You can only use this on your desktop. You’ll have to find a way to deal with the existing subtitles if you stream Netflix on your TV, smartphone, or using the official Netflix Windows app.

If you use a Chromecast for streaming, you can cast the tab you’re watching onto your Chromecast after using Super Netflix to add custom subtitles.

Use “Substital” to Upload Your Own Netflix Subtitle Files

The second most well-known Chrome extension for introducing subtitles to Netflix, YouTube, Exashare, Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouWatch, and many other sites is called Substital. One of the simplest Netflix subtitles add-ons is this one.

The subtitle method will allow you to search for subtitles in your selected language after you have added the extension to Chrome. You can also drag and drop subtitles that you have already downloaded from an external source into position by clicking the extension icon while a video has begun playing.

Add Subtitles to Netflix Employing the Method, Subtitles for Netflix

You Can Upload Your Customized Subtitles to Netflix Using (Subtitles for Netflix).

This is another straightforward plugin that allows you to add your customized titles to Netflix material.

It lacks a search engine or library like Substital, but it has many more options for altering the layout and placement of captions.

Adding subtitles was primarily designed to utilize subtitle files from other locations. Therefore, you must first acquire your DFXP or SRT files from other sources. Following that, the files must be added to the extension.

Customers’ Demand Netflix Provides Its Subtitles in Different Languages

If Netflix supplied subtitles in languages other than English, many potential customers who would be interested in its services would gladly pay the monthly cost.

Even if they speak English well, it’s possible that their family members don’t. Hence, it wouldn’t be wise to pay such a hefty monthly cost for a service that one person will only utilize.

This week, Netflix expanded its service to 130 more nations, yet the corporation made little effort to increase its client base.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to add subtitles in a foreign language to just about any Netflix TV episode, movie, or show.


In this article, we have discussed the method we can use to add custom subtitles to the Netflix streaming platform in our native language or any other.

We have also mentioned using a VPN service to unlock restricted content on Netflix for different regions worldwide.

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