Selling a practical online course has become one of the primary sources of passive income, especially with the current situation the world faces. Course creators have a few issues about selling their digital programs and how to ensure that their students understand what they are teaching.

Since providing an online course is more of telling a positive story, inspire your students, and help them learn fundamental secrets to success. You need to ensure that everyone is on the same boat, slow down the timing, speeding up the process, or get full control of how your courses would be.

Benefits of Drip Content

What Is Drip-Feeding?

As an instructor, being in full control of your course is vital. However, there are some instances that you need to work on strategic techniques that will benefit both you and your students. Quality and quantity are factors that should be included in your eLearning materials. 

Have you heard about drip feeding? 

It’s the technique that enables you to control your online courses fully and what your students should learn from the content. Drip feeding is an effective way to introduce your content online. It’s like scheduling content delivery in stages without full access in one go but can have it through expressly set time. 

Drip-feeding offers an excellent process for course creators. If you are looking for a strategically designed software for online programs, this blog: Thinkific Review (2020): Features, Pros, Cons, Worth It? will help you weigh things out with your decisions properly. You can schedule your students’ learning process without the need to access one go and protect your ideas simultaneously. 

What Are The Advantages of Drip Content For Course Creators

Drip feeding is a robust delivery model ideal for digital courses, and every course creator must reconsider protecting intellectual property. There are a few yet essential advantages to this process, especially with e-learning and digital programs available online. 

As a whole, it helps leverage sales revenue for every course created online. However, that’s not all. Here’s a complete list of what to expect with drip content and why you should reconsider the procedure.  

It’s automated and time-saving.

Drip-feeding offers automation on the courses or lessons you provide by proper time management. It allows you to set scheduled programs to offer your students a fast and easy delivery method. 

The process allows students to learn your content while completing every set phase of each lesson delivered and goes without repeating the method. 

It builds customer/student engagement.

Most credible course creators offer multiple leasing options for every student’s unique learning phase. That way, your students won’t be overwhelmed with the content materials that you offer. 

You can also build a substantial engagement between clients or students and help them be on the right track based on everyone’s learning capacity. Excellent communication and engagement mean more students retain their subscription and increase follower volume.

It offers multiple purchase options.

Drip-feeding allows you to provide multiple options on the courses you offer, either individually or by packages. You can set the knowledge level and student’s ability based on their learning phase. 

It allows you to build trust and improve your credibility with the options that you provide. With several options for every student’s needs, you are not just helping your business grow, but more importantly, you are assisting others in gaining more from what you offer at their learning phase. 

It builds trust and credibility.

Digital courses offered in stages have more potential to gain trust and build creators’ credibility than those provided in one go. Since learning materials come in sets, students can see each material’s value and appreciate the efforts provided. 

With well-planned and schedule-specified courses means the course creator offers excellent value and professional service. 

It helps retain customers and prevents unwanted refunds.

Drip fed information is quickly learned, and more like your previous clients or students will remain and wait for more updates on the program you offer. Since students have seen the value that your content provides, there is a higher percentage than following you and waiting for the next service you’ll launch. 


There are tons of benefits when using the drip-fed method for courses offered online. However, the return of investment and guaranteed profit margin must be secured to have future business stability and build credibility over time. With drip content, you won’t have to worry about students who get the program’s value or check your course and ask for refunds later on. 

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