10 Tips Must Follow Before Applying Google Adsense AccountHello, readers, today I’m gonna tell you some tricks and tips about google Adsense before Applying Google Adsense Account. Now as you many of people who use blogs and any others website they want for a google Adsense for their website and then start earning using their website.

You also know there are many other networks instead of Adsense but all the people around the world prefer google Adsense, the main reason is that they pay on per click program and also knowing as the world biggest network of advertisement and the paying rate of google AdSense also better than all other advertising networks and the rules of google AdSense also strict than other websites.

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Here now I share some tricks what you have to must follow before applying for the google Adsense account, for this, you need a complete guideline before applying for google Adsense.

After approved you want to don’t make any type of mistake that make a reason for blocked off your google AdSense account at any time.

Tips Before Applying Google Adsense Account

1. Terms and Conditions:

Every new user does a first mistake which is that they start their work without reading the terms of google and their condition also.

Many people don’t understand the terms and conditions of google Adsense before applying for an account.

So when you apply for the google Adsense account you must be read all the terms and conditions of google AdSense account.

2. Use Top Level Domain:

Google Adsense account are also approved from the blogs URL like wordpress.com and blogspot.com but for this, you need very high-quality contents for this or you need your blogs 6 months old otherwise you don’t get it

Because AdSense has a strict policy for domain age. In my opinion, you must use Top level domain name likes .com .in .org etc because these type of domains are approved in short time and have a high contents and traffic.

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3. Minimum Posts:

According to google Adsense account terms and policies, your website contain at least 50 post minimum and a maximum of your post must be up to 500 words,

Otherwise, there is less chance of approved by google Adsense so your post must have at least 500 words.

They have approved my blog for 20 posts with good traffic.

4. Adsense Friendly Theme:

Adsense also asks their users that the design and theme of the website or blogs are also attractive for the user’s experience.

Adsense also watches the contents before watching the design and theme of your website and blogs.

5. Contents Quality and Traffic:

You must have a quality data and unique posts on your website, contents look like a word says by you.

This is also the term and condition of google Adsense if your post illegal things like porn or illegal drugs data published or your post words are below than 300 words than the Adsense doses not show their ads on you that post.

The traffic is also up to 5000 per month if you want to earning from the google Adsense account.

6. Privacy and Policy:

Adsense likes Privacy and policy Before applying for Adsense, your website must have the term and conditions or policies which are also generated by privacy policy generator by you easily.

techpanga Privacy and Policy

7. About Us & Contact Us Page:

You have also the page on your website which is related about your profiles and contacts.

If you want to approve google Adsense account your website must have the page of about us which play an important role to approved your google Adsense account.

Basically, the about us page give the information to others viewers about your page and websites .by adding this page your website also have a good impression on others readers and viewers.

And from the contact us page you also get the feedback of viewers so for this your blog or website also contain the page of contacting us.When you apply for AdSense account your website must contain these two pages about us and contact us.

techpanga contact us

8. Add a real name or Email:

When you add information about your page on your websites you must need to give others your real name and email or others things after this when you apply Adsense account they realize from this that you give them a correct information or you are not spam.

9. Age Requirement:

In term and policies of google AdSense, they also say that your age must be up to 18-year-old otherwise you’re unable to apply for google Adsense account because they thing under 18 are not suitable for google AdSense account, so you add you correct age and information for google Adsense account.

10. Submit Site/blog Webmaster tool

At last, it is very important that you must submit your site or blog in google webmaster tool. Not only that you can submit your blog other webmaster tools like bing, Yandex etc.

If you follow these 10 tips Before Applying Google Adsense Account you can definitely approve Adsense account.l

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Manoj Chakraborty
Hi, I am Manoj, I write tech articles to solve problems. here on techpanga, you will get tech related tricks and tips


  1. hey manoj i think traffic and minimum post clause does not make any sense.anyone can get adsense approve with less than 20-25 post and 0 traffic.By the way other things is importent,great writting,keep it up.

  2. Hi Manoj. When I create my website before. I only got 10 posts and no more than 6 months but the Adsense team accepts my site. Why?


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