How To Get Wikipedia Backlink Working MethodWikipedia is one of the top most websites and is also one of the Top 5 sites in Alexa. So now you can quickly understand that getting a Wikipedia Backlink is one of the best contextual links that you can get from any other website and why we are here to talk about it.

Wikipedia is one of the oldest as well as the biggest site that carries huge authority as well traffic. So getting a backlink from Wikipedia can help you to drive traffic to your website. If you are an avid user of the internet, then you might be already aware of the power of the Wikipedia.

It ranks for almost every keyword and mostly in Top 10 Google search results. So now let’s understand how one can get a backlink from such a huge website.

Dead Link Approach/ Broken Link: Every website has dead external links or broken links, but if we see the case with Wikipedia then it has the countless number of dead links due to the vast amount of information that it provides. These links can be described as the links that lead to a 404 not found page.

So as an SEO enthusiasts whenever you get any dead links, your first step should always to fix that dead link with your link, and there you get your backlink as Wikipedia provides edit feature in every article open to everyone. Also, Wikipedia likes if someone provides information about its dead link, so you can also be one.

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Steps To Getting Wikipedia Backlink

Below are the steps that you can follow to find dead link/ broken link and replace it with your web link.

1. The first step is to join the Wikipedia as an editor. For this just create an account and fill in your details.

2. Then your next step is to find the broken or dead link. So search on google Wikipedia dead link or you can directly check some link here: Wikipedia Dead Links

Wikipedia Dead Links

On the page, you can find lots of articles with dead links Just open one of them and find dead links. You can search the dead link by pressing CTRL + F

dead link wikipediaAnd edit the link and replace it with your own. But in this step you need to be very careful as the link with which you will be replacing the dead link should be relevant to the content.

3. Do not edit the link or the content part just for the sake of getting a backlink, as if you do so then other wiki editors will report you.

4. In the case that you don’t get any dead link, at that time you can edit the content/information.

But for this, you need to find the articles in Wikipedia which have the scope of editing so you can add some more relevant details into it a with an appropriate link.

5. For adding content to the article research well for the content so that a well-written content can be presented. As Wikipedia is one of the top websites that is famous for its relevant information regarding every topic.

And people from every region India, United States, Australia, Canada and much more rely on Wikipedia to get useful information.

6. Also, make sure that whatever link you add in the wiki article for that you should provide a reason that why the link provided by you is useful.

7. In starting when you are new to Wikipedia don’t try to take a huge number of backlinks, Keep patience and once you have developed a trusted history in the wiki, then you can easily add your links on the pages with content.

Add links that are relevant to the content otherwise, the links will be deleted by the other editors, also do not try to spam with wiki links.

So, from here you can conclude that getting a Wikipedia Backlink is very easy as compared to other websites.

So next time when you will make backlinks start with Wikipedia and if you don’t want to forget to get Wikipedia Backlink then add a note in your Printable Calendar Template or schedule it on google calendar that usually most of the people use for your daily scheduling.


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