Youtube skip ads are very irritated. These types ads on YouTube are very annoying. Appeared at the beginning, forcing us to watch and have to wait a few seconds to Skip YouTube Ads. But, I found an Android application which will help you to Automatically Skip YouTube Ads on an Android phone without root.

Thanks to Erwin Goslawski android developer who apparently managed to develop Android applications that are able to detect and skip Ads on Youtube Android very quickly without root, no proxy, and VPN.

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Cygery AdSkip is an application made by Erwin Goslawski who is able to turn off the Volume of voice on Youtube android and able to Skip Ads very quickly.

How to Automatically Skip YouTube Ads on Android Phone

1. First download Xda labs from here: XDA LABs

2.Install and open Xda Labs

3. Sign Up or Login using Google+ account in XDA LABs

How to Automatically Skip YouTube Ads on Android Phone Without Root

4. Next in the app Type and search “Cygery AdSkip for YouTube“.

Skip YouTube Ads

5. Next, tap on the download icon and it will download the app and then open up the installer. Tap on install button.

6. After installed, open the app and then activate the Accessibility Service for Cygery AdSkip for YouTube from Settings.

Enable Accessibility Service

7. Turn off the option of “Mute audio during ads” just because it may delay the ad skipping on your phone.

Skip YouTube Ads

8. Now, you can watch the YouTube video and it will automatically skip the YouTube video when the Skip Ad button appears on the screen.


It is a simple way to skip the YouTube ads automatically on Android. I hope you love it.

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