AI Content Checker: That’s when it just clicked for so many freelance writers. They can “write” content with AI through ChatGPT with a fraction of the effort and time. And still, get paid.

Even if you’re NOT paying for content, but simply accepting guest posts – the potential consequences for your website could be disastrous if AI content is published on your site and it’s discovered by Google. I’m talking about your traffic nosediving to zero.

And you can be sure that Google can tell when content is AI-generated. They basically invented the transformers tech (you know, the “T” in GPT-3?) back in 2017 AND they’ve been working on AI models like LaMDA (one dev even described it as being “conscious”) and PaLM that can spot AI-generated text a mile away.

Do you think they can’t tell when someone is using an ai writing editor like Jasper to write an article?

They can. And you’re right in the middle – between writers trying to cut corners and Google that doesn’t want its SERPs covered with AI-gen articles.

That’s where we come in with Some best AI Content Detector Sites. It can detect AI-generated text (GPT2, ChatGPT, GPT3, GPT3.5), so you can be sure that everything you’re publishing on your website is authentic, human-written content. Can’t believe I’m typing these words, but that’s the world we live in.

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Best AI Content Checker Online

Protect your site from a potential Google penalty – check out AI Content Detection Tools.

1. Copyleaks

Have you heard of Copyleaks? It’s a plagiarism detector tool that uses AI to power its analysis. But interestingly, it can do more than just identify copied content. It can also serve as an AI content detector and provide reliable results. I happened to stumble upon its website, and from what I read, it claims to be able to detect content generated through the latest GPT 3.5 model, including ChatGPT.

Here is the a demo result.

I have asked a question to ChatGTP and the result is

Best AI Content Checker Online

After I used Copyleaks AI Content Detection Tools:

Best AI Content Checker Online copyleaks result

Now You can easily understand how can AI deduction tools can check whether your content is AI content Generate text or Human written content.

So Before Publishing your content on your site/blog you must check whether your content was really written by humans or not. Otherwise, be ready for the Google penalty.

2. ZeroGPT


ZeroGPT is an AI text detector that offers a user-friendly interface for determining if a given text was generated by an AI tool or written by a human. Users input the text in the designated box, click “Detect Text,” and the tool analyzes it with complex algorithms, providing clear results.

Possible outcomes range from “Human written” to “Most Likely AI/GPT generated,” with a gauge displaying the percentage of AI/GPT text. ZeroGPT supports multiple languages, making it ideal for global users who need to verify text origins, as it can handle various languages seamlessly. This feature is especially beneficial for businesses or organizations with multilingual clients or operations in multiple countries.

In addition, ZeroGPT offers an AI paraphraser, AI summarizer, AI grammar and spell checker, Word counter, Citation generator, and AI advanced chatbot.

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