Virtual Web BrowserVirtual Web Browser is a free and anonymous web-based proxy services. It works like a VPS or RDP but you can only use hosted browser. On the browser, you can test website in different browsers, access any website even a blocked website with high-speed internet.

The virtual web browser has many Web browsers like Chrome, firefox, safari etc. So if you are interested in browser based on hosted VPS, you can text top Virtual Web Browse.

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Best VPS Hosted Virtual Web Browser

1. offers web browsers with high-speed internet, you can use this to browse a website and enjoy surfing the internet at a faster speed.

  • Using, you can watch movies, TV shows, and other YouTube videos, surfing sites
  • It is absolutely faultless and FREE to use.
  • You can get high-speed internet.

2. Apponfly

Apponfly is a Virtual Web Browser or hosted VPS Provider.In 30 seconds you can get instant access to your favorite Windows apps from Mac, Android, iOS or Windows. Which can be used like a Free WindowsVPS.

You can run you favorite apps on Apponfly without a credit card. You will get 30 days free trial.

3. Cross Browser Testing

Crossbrowertesing is another online virtual browser. You can test  1500+ Browsers Within Minutes On Real PC & Mobile Devices.


  • Free 7 days trial no credit card required
  • high-speed 700mb/s
  • Selection of 1500+ browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices

4. Surfly

Surfly is an open source cross-browser testing tool. it is working on any website.

Just go to and start a co-browsing session. Or you can add a button to your website and start co- browsing from there.

5. Turbo

Turbo applications run instantly on all your desktops and the cloud. You can surf, chat, develop any projects, upload your files etc.

You can get a free trial for a lifetime with 1GB Storage. You can Run on Windows Desktops and also upgrade your limitations.

All the site are free and you can test your site like a VPS. If you are like this article so please share with your friends and social media facebook, twitter etc.

6. GoLogin

GoLogin is a virtual browser alternative that is distinct from other virtual browsers. Because it is technically based on Chromium, it looks and feels just like Chrome. There are all of the standard tabs, extensions, and bookmarks. The digital fingerprint system, which gives you with numerous actual browser identities, is the fundamental feature of GoLogin.

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