ValaPay is the payment system that allows transferring funds with minimum costs for every transaction. The users are provided with numerous useful features, including biometric authorization, two-factor authentication, admin management, etc.


The Vala history

The project started due to the customer’s request. There was a task to create a cross-platform service for processing transactions. After the application was developed, the project continued due to the necessity to create a UI design and the admin panel. Finally, the team has got a task to create a mobile application. Most decisions regarding important details were taken by the Yojji specialists and, of course, were approved by the client.

What was achieved?

Now Vala is a convenient tool for performing international transferring. Users have got the possibility not only to send their funds but also to manage costs. Our developers have tested all the possible features and managed to create a practical product during the three years of the project. ValaPay has already got the interest on the market, and constantly gets new clients. The fact that our users are able not only to send their funds or get payments. Vala clients transform their businesses.

The way of communicating with the client

Understanding clients’ needs are the most important issue while creating any digital product. The success of our work was mainly based on the scrum framework. The product creation was split into several stages which made it possible to exclude the slightest loss of time. The client, from his side, could make additional requirements if they were needed.

We had weekly releases every Monday where the team could show work results and update the product backlog. Discussing the priority of tasks helped to make every script really productive. Despite the short duration, specific developments were taken into attention. Such intermediate results as design templates or untested code were discussed separately.

Actually, ValaPay creators had a rather flexible approach to the working process as the client was opened to new suggestions. Developers almost always proposed a few different ideas for the customer’s choice. At the same time, the high-quality project control system allowed to avoid numerous mistakes. Full and timely feedback was necessary for understanding the clients’ true purposes.

Which technologies were used?

Initially, the team was looking for technology to demonstrate fast and trouble-free operation. As a result, React Native was used for mobile applications, and React.js was used for the web version. The main advantage of this choice is the possibility of reusing code between the platforms. This not only accelerated the workflow but also made it possible to involve different specialists in the creation of the product.

Apps developed with React Native are similar to near-native apps both in behavior and design. It is an irreplaceable tool in those cases when you need the speed of native applications, but they do not need their complexity.

Solutions for the main challenges

  1. Limitations in time. The MVP was created in two months as a result of proper planning and control of available resources.
  2. The necessity to add new features. All the main points regarding the product are usually discussed at the very beginning of cooperation. Anyway, we are always opened to new propositions and ready to discuss deviations from the original plan.
  3. Multilingual service. Yojji team used Lokalise API for providing the automatic page translation. Moreover, the content may be edited further.

What did we get as a result?

  • Two-factor authentication and biometric authorization.
  • Structure and navigation, Send Money redesign.
  • Payout and campaigns features.
  • Ability to add users, create roles and manage the compliance process.
  • Money exchange between departments.
  • Ability to set prices, and related options for payment proceeding.

As a conclusion

Creating a user-friendly application is always Yojji’s main goal. That is why it is easy enough for us to meet most clients’ needs. As a result, the customer’s business goes to a new level due to implementing our ideas. Talking about the ValaPay project, hundreds of clients all over the world have got the possibility to transfer their money safely and realize numerous business goals at the same time.

The time of processing transactions was decreased both for iOS and Android users. We also worked over separate projects which needed more advanced customization. Need new ideas and developments for your project? Yojji team is ready to generate and implement the best of them!

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