A good web hosting is a very important part of the success of a blog or site. Generally, websites and blog are hosted on shared hosting, and high traffic sites are hosted on a dedicated server for more speed. But here I am talking about VPS hosting. VPS hosting is now very popular for cloud hosting and WordPress hosting with better speed.

VPS or Virtual Private Server is more expensive than shared hosting, but VPS offers more reliability than shared hosting.VPS hosting servers are scalable, fasters to load web pages. If your site or blog too big for shared hosting or too small for dedicated hosting then you can go on VPS. VPS Helps you keep running on high traffic.

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Top 5 Best VPS Hosting For WordPress

1. DigitalOcean

Top 5 Best VPS Hosting For WordPress


DigitalOcean is one of the best and budget VPS provider. There are many blogger use DigitalOcean for WordPress hosting.

DigitalOcean has high-performance SSD hard drives, high-speed network up to 1gbps, One-Click Installs of WordPress, LAMP, and RoR, An extensive collection of helpful tutorials and an active community and also DNS management. They accept Credit cards and PayPal as payment methods.

How To Make A VPS In DigitalOcean?

  • Plan:5$/m: 512mb RAM, 1 CPU, 20GB SSD, 1TB bandwidth
  • Plan:$10/m:1gb RAM, 1 CPU, 30 SSD, 2TB bandwidth

2. Linode

Top 5 Best VPS Hosting For WordPress

The Linode is another best alternative to digitalocean VPS hosting service. Linode is very sturdy and secure cloud computing service provider. The customers satisfied with their services and they have no downtime.

You can host your WordPress site and blog on their server with a high-speed network and quite friendly customer support.

  • Plan $10/m: 2gb RAM, 24Gb SSD, 1 CPU, 2 TB bandwidth
  • Plan $20/m: 4gb RAM, 48gb SSD, 2 CPU, 3TB bandwidth

3. Cloudways

Top 5 Best VPS Hosting For WordPress

Cloudways is also good Digitalocean alternatives. They give you a chance to set up your cloud server on digital ocean,  amazon,vultr, Kyup and Google. They have a blazing fast WordPress optimized hosting with the best quality 24×7 customer support and one free migration.You can pick your server provider and still run an incredibly fast website. No complaints and no server down, you can choose this service without hesitation.

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You can pick your server provider and still run an incredibly fast website. No complaints and no server down, you can choose this service without hesitation.

4. Interserver



Interserver is one of the reliable, cheaper and surely an alternate solution to much of the expensive hosting service providers out there. With an uptime of nearly 100%, they are providing what they said.

All of the Interserver VPS plans come with the ability for you to choose the OS, whether it be CentOS, Debian, uBuntu, Windows, Linux or Fedora. The customer supports quite friendly and responsive.

  • Plan $6/m: 1gb RAM, 1 CPU, 25gb SSD, 1tb bandwidth
  • Plan $12/m: 2gb RAM, 1 CPU, 50gb SSD, 2tb bandwidth

5. DreamHost


Dream Host is accessible for managed WordPress hosting and VPS hosting. All VPS plan will feature with enough ram, unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited MySQL Databases, email account, Google Adwords Credits and 24×7 customer support.

You can easily host your high traffic blog, websites, and great woo commerce sites with their hosting server.

If you want to host your blog, website or woo commerce site on VPS hosting, then you can select one of them. All VPS provider is very low cost. So If your blog or site has high traffic and can’t control shared hosting, then you can go on VPS hosting.

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