Textures for Minecraft PE MCP is an application for players in Minecraft Pocket Edition. With it, you can quickly and easily replace classic textures in your games, changing their appearance beyond recognition. Improve the nature of the game world, change the appearance, and add the attributes of a popular game!

textures for Minecraft

The best textures for Minecraft PE 1.19

Experienced users know that textures play an important role in gameplay. With the help of textures, you can not only improve the surrounding area and the appearance of objects and blocks but also add popular heroes and their attributes to Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update.

RTX Textures

RTX textures for Minecraft PE

The developers have never tried to make the cubic world realistic, considering it more important for the gameplay of the game. But RTX technology changes everything in Minecraft PE 1.18.12. Thanks to the ray-tracing capabilities, there is an opportunity to breathe new life into the game world!

The RTX texture pack will help with this. Textures will change everything in the design of the game. Especially the lighting will change. Each piece of the game will seem natural.

Download RTX textures for Minecraft 1.19

Anime Textures

anime textures for Minecraft PE

A set of textures on anime for Minecraft 1.19 turns ordinary mobs of the cubic world into cute Japanese girls drawn in the anime style. The behavior patterns of creatures have remained the same. Players should know it when interacting with new characters.

By the way, damage, health, and drop mobs also remain the same in MCPE because the developer replaced only the appearance.

After getting acquainted with the updated mods, you can notice that all the girls look different: each has a unique costume and hairstyle.

Download Anime textures For Minecraft

Brawl Stars Textures

Brawl Stars textures

The Brawl Stars mobile game is one of the popular games in which you need to defeat a team of opponents by destroying their buildings and moving forward. However, it looks different in Minecraft PE 1.19. Fortunately, special texture packs reduce the difference.

The appearance of coral blocks and everything connected with these blocks is changed.

The shalker boxes have emotions. Users may notice their facial expressions. Moreover, the boxes themselves have changed externally. It turns out that they have become more contrasting and generally more beautiful.

By the way, in Minecraft 1.19, armor and weapons also look different. They are now more cartoonish and colorful. The elites have turned yellow altogether, so you can have a unique skull from Brawl Stars.

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3D Textures

3D textures for Minecraft

3D Leaves Model texture pack replaces the standard foliage model in Minecraft PE 1.19 and makes it lush. Thanks to this, you will be able to look at your world from a different angle!

The set has settings, and you can choose from three types of models:

  • Rows shaped leaves – straight rows;
  • bushy Leaves – dense foliage;
  • round Leaves – rounded foliage.

Download 3D textures for Minecraft

Faithful Textures

Faithful Textures

The Faithful texture is the perfect addition for players who love the original textures for Minecraft 1.19, but it is good to improve the quality of the drawing. You can enjoy the game world in good quality.

Many players use this texture pack, and it can be deservedly called the most popular!

Faithful textures for Minecraft PE 1.19

FNAF Textures

FNAF Textures

There is a great texture pack for Minecraft PE 1.19, based on the popular horror game named Five Nights At Freddy’s. The developer replaced the mob’s heads with the original ones.

Players can use the mod even in survival mode. If you want to get them in survival mode, you will need to get the heads of zombie, creeper, skeleton, and desiccant skeleton.

Heads of FNAF characters:

  • Freddy Fazber – FNAF symbol;
  • Chika is a bright yellow animatronic chicken with an orange beak;
  • Bonnie is an animatronic rabbit of lilac color with long ears;
  • Foxy is an animatronic fox with a torn body and an eye patch.

Also, there will appear additional characters in the game. For example, Charlotte Emily and Springtrap. You can edit the color of the eyes, add a beard, change the size of the body and add mechanical limbs.

Download FNAF Textures

X-Ray Textures

X-Ray Textures

Every Minecraft 1.19 player has faced the moment when the game slows down, and the user begins to see through the blocks. At such moments, you can even consider diamonds underground. X-Ray textures offer a similar feature, but now players will choose blocks visibility themselves.

The user can easily select the visibility of diamonds or other blocks underground to reach the desired ores. Players will choose which items will be displayed and which will not. A total of 18 modes are available.

Download X-RAY textures for MCPE 1.19

HD Textures

HD Textures

Textures for Minecraft PE 1.19 serve different purposes. For example, HD textures can make the game world more realistic and completely transform the landscape.

Animation becomes much better: the foliage on trees is moving, the water gets new effects. The appearance of blocks and objects is also changing, making them more natural.

Download HD Textures for Minecraft PE

PvP Textures

PvP Textures

PvP textures are perfect for those who want to revive Minecraft 1.19 without losing the familiar world. Also, the addition will improve the battle with other players: it will become easier to use weapons.

The developer wanted to combine all the best in one by creating PvP. Players get realistic shapes and colors of objects, an improved type of armor. Clouds, sun, moon, and rain become brighter. The appearance of ores, blocks, armor, and equipment is updated.

PVP textures

Apocalypse Textures

Apocalypse Textures

The texture of the apocalypse will make the world of Minecraft PE 1.19 darker. This pack is compatible with almost any landscape, which will delight fans of horror maps.

The changes are most noticeable in the dungeons, as well as in the forest biome. Going down into the caves, you will experience even more fear because creepers and other mobs have received updated textures.

The graphic addition is quite creepy and apocalyptic, so it’s better to play with it in survival mode at the level of maximum difficulty.

It looks more realistic in complex decorative blocks, such as cabinets and doors.

Download apocalypse textures 

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