Someday, your kids will go back to their regular classrooms and attend in-person school once again.

For now, your students are in an online school, spending their days at their desks, the kitchen table, or your own office, busily learning from home.

To help set up your kids for academic success while they are distance learning, it is imperative that they have a wide variety of supplies. In addition to the traditional notebooks, pens, and mechanical pencils, online learners also need certain types of technology.

Technology Your Kids Will Need for Distance Learning

As for what tech devices and services you may want to invest in for your at-home students, please consider the following learning from home tips:

A Fast Internet Connection

Your kids can have state-of-the-art laptops and other great devices, but if your internet is slow, it will be hard for them to stay focused and they may miss out on their lessons. One of the most important distances learning tips is to be sure your internet connection is strong.

If your current Wifi isn’t working well, you might want to upgrade to a whole-home Wifi system or a panoramic Wifi package. You can also try repositioning your router so that it can better reach each computer. If you have students learning on multiple floors, you may want to invest in a second router.

A Decent Computer

Some schools around the country have been able to furnish each student with a laptop computer to use during distance learning. If this is the case for your kids’ schools, that is great news. If not, try to buy the best laptop your budget will allow for each of your at-home learners. 

For example, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is priced pretty decently and features a nice screen and keyboard design as well as up to 1TB of storage. It also includes front and rear-facing cameras so your kids can be seen by their teachers and fellow students.

As a bonus, the laptop’s battery can last for at least 10 hours, so on pleasant weather days, your kids could even do their online schooling from the patio table.

A Quality Webcam

You might already have pretty new laptops or desktop computers for your kids to use, and that’s terrific. But if the webcam is missing or less than ideal in terms of quality, please invest in this crucial piece of technology so your students can fully participate in online classes.

To help narrow down your search, Tech Learning has created a buying guide of the best webcams for students and teachers alike; you can see which one best fits your budget and is readily available to purchase in your area.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Learning from home can be distracting for your kids. After all, their regular in-person class doesn’t have their favorite toys, video games, and family dog within a short reach—not to mention a toddler sister watching “Peppa Pig” on TV in the background when they are trying to focus.

To help your kids concentrate during class and homework time, buy each at-home student a pair of noise-canceling headphones; they can also use their Apple Air Pods if applicable.

Distance Learning is Definitely Doable

Online schooling may not be ideal for many students, but until your kids return to the regular classroom, it can be a positive experience.

By helping to ensure that each of your at-home learners is equipped with the best technology for their needs, the online school days will go as smoothly and successfully as possible.

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