This paper examines the use of technology in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning and to answer the question, “what are the benefits of technology use in the classroom?’’. The paper will focus on the use of technology in the classroom for teaching and learning in the United States (US) as the case study.

Technology in the Classroom

Today, it is impossible to facilitate teaching and learning in the United States without some form of technology involved. This is because teaching and learning have changed dramatically compared to some years back. Also, technology advances with every new day’s break and this have created the need to produce students who are tech-savvy from the moment they start schooling.

To effectively keep in pace with the changes brought about by technology into the United States education system, the education department has made several investments to accommodate this new development. Thus, many schools in the United States have access to digital teaching and learning resources via the installed technology in the classrooms.

Let us highlight the benefits of investing in technology in the classrooms to enhance teaching and learning below.

Technology’s Impact on Schools

There has been a tremendous impact brought by the investment of technology into the US teaching and learning system since it has completely altered how things used to be done. For instance, technology has transformed how teachers teach and how students learn;

  • The introduction of lessons by the tutors is done via technology that students have access to through various devices. 
  • Integrating technology into the US classrooms has opened a vast world that is full of limitless knowledge that teachers and students can tap into.
  • In the past students only relied on what was written in their textbooks, but with technology installed in their classrooms, they can easily access digital books, digital portfolios, and learning guides. For example, if you are looking for cheap essay writing services, please visit Affordable Papers to see more of these digital resources.
  • The United States’ learning sector has easy access to real-time results and feedback on both the teachers and students. 

Why is Technology so Important in the US Classrooms?

Benefits of Using Classrooms 

With the changes that have been brought to the United States’ education system from the use of technology in teaching and learning, we now need to examine the benefits the sector enjoys. By examining the benefits, we will fully understand why technology is so important in improving a country’s teaching and learning.

Some notable benefits realized from technology in the United States classrooms include;

  • Gives teachers the necessary guidance for teaching. Technology for teaching and learning in the United States has ensured easy and instant access to knowledge by the tutors. Subsequently, the knowledge they gain provides them with the ideal formulae and right resources to teach their students. Therefore, the quality of the United States’ education system has improved with the introduction of technology-aided education. Because the methods teachers use of late are more advanced, and they have plenty of tools for student assessment at their disposal. 
  • It encourages students’ active participation. Students will stay actively engaged for a long time since teaching has been facilitated further by the use of learning devices such as computers or tablets. Such devices provide an atmosphere where students don’t get bored fast from learning the same thing daily.  This wasn’t possible to achieve in the past via traditional teaching and learning methods. Thanks to technology integration into US classrooms, students are more drawn and interested in their lessons. On the other hand, teachers have an opportunity to use tools to teach, such as the use of apps or online educational resources. 
  • Teaching and learning experiences have been personalized. Through inspiring individual learning and provision of greater teaching and learning opportunities, especially for the US students with diverse needs. Because they are provided with an opportunity to enjoy learning at their own pace and have 24/7 access to online resources they can refer to. Also, technology has made sure that to further personalize the United States education system, lessons and online instructions are available to all to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Has led to better knowledge retention. According to studies, technology has been proven to boost United States Student’s overall knowledge retention. Because it provides students with facilities and learning modes that create more interest in things they are learning in the classrooms. With technology integration in the United States Classrooms, most students have gained a better memory and can retain what they learn for a long time.
  • Teaching and learning collaboration has been enhanced. As students learn in their classrooms, teamwork is encouraged as technology facilitates more collaboration. This collaboration extends from the classroom to the entire school, and throughout other classrooms worldwide. In turn, better communication skills are enhanced between the students through teamwork projects and collaborative learning. Furthermore, this collaboration facilitates students to seek clarifications via questions and discussing different topics. More assistance is available to all in a serene and safe environment created by their tutors.
  • Prepares the students for the digital future. This is according to a particular study by CompTIA. Their study on the use of technology in the classrooms shows that 9 out of every 10 US students can handle digital requirements in their adult lives. Students have been exposed to skills like the use of PowerPoint to be ready and more successful in this technology-reliant age. Similarly, it has been identified that the introduction of instructional technology in the classrooms at their tender age has helped a lot in preparing them for digital demands.

On top of all mentioned above, technology has made teaching and learning more fun in US classrooms. Because students have an insatiable taste for digital devices such as laptops and tablets, which keep them more focused as they take their lessons. Lectures that were once boring and challenging have become the student’s favourites.

The fun has been enhanced by the use of virtual lessons, videos, and tablets, especially during the COVID-19 Virus period.

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