With tight competitors on the market, showing your product off to the world can be a cumbersome task but since the advent of technology, internet and everything that came along with it, numerous avenues have opened up for small companies and people to show their product off to the world. This is done mainly through the means of digital marketing and there are companies/businesses that help bridge the software developing start-ups and companies as there many businesses in both industries that can benefit a lot from each other. PitchGround one such company that is closing the divide between software developing companies and small scale companies.

What Is PitchGround?


The story of PitchGround started on 25th September and started with only one aim in mind, that was to help online businesses and SaaS businesses to grow alongside each in great magnitudes. They are there to help entrepreneurs, companies, and solopreneurs grow their online business with the aid of software and an education-centric approach.

What do they Do?

Companies are coming up with new innovative software that is focused on solving serious problems but they find it hard to show their product off in this extremely competitive market and on the other hand, there are individuals and businesses who are hopelessly looking for tools to help them grow their business but are not able to acquire it for a number of reasons. This where PitchGround comes into action, they bridge the divide between the two by looking out for such software companies with innovative products and help them market their product to other companies who might be in need of those tools. The approach that they have is a unique one, the education-based approach that they opt for help create awareness through blog posts, videos and etc.

PitchGround has managed to create a quite strong tech network of people that helps small software businesses solve all the problems and obstacles they face, as well as design solutions through interactions. PitchGround has proven to be an effective place for new businesses to evaluate the software applications that successful businesses use, provide a clear platform for knowledge-sharing and help improve the industry as a whole.

Why was it Started?

PitchGround’s founders noticed that there were a lot of SaaS start-ups that managed to come up with some of the most innovative technologies but couldn’t make any headway on the market for a multitude of reasons such as lack of funds, outreach, and marketing.

Then there were companies, businessmen, workers and many other individuals who were urgently in need of these innovative products and resources to assist them in their company but could not yet obtain it for various reasons.

PitchGround is the bridge between SaaS companies and other businesses that need creative resources. Founders get early adopters and get their first investment setup while customers use resources at low cost for a lifetime with a one-time investment aka lifetime deal or periodically, which would eventually help them grow and boost their business and reduce the strain by automating the software.

Why Should Your Business Choose PitchGround?

There are a lot of reasons as to why your business should choose PitchGround such as

  • PitchGround curates the products carefully on its website and makes sure they are of excellent quality before they are sold to consumers. Such goods should address difficult problems and should be considered as critical components.
  • PitchGround’s active user base of 10,000 + customers are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative SaaS solutions, making the company more accessible to a wide audience.
  • As well as having an active user base, the PitchGround community is also highly interactive, this can help startups enter into conversations that can help them grow.
  • PitchGround aims to educate its audience on the goods on its website. It helps businesses make informed decisions before buying a product.
  • There’s a variety of exclusive deals and discounts available on the PitchGround website that can help entrepreneurs get the tools they need to scale up their companies.

Benefits PitchGround has to Offer

There are a lot of benefits that SaaS businesses and other online businesses can avail, listed below are a few of those

New Products

If you have a new product that you want to market, due to its large community, PitchGround is one of the best places to do that. The group is highly social and is distributed through different industries, which also expands the scope. They are also in constant search for new products that focus on providing creative solutions to important issues.

Small Organizations/Businesses

PitchGround’s Software as a Service (SaaS) marketplace has a broad array of products that can help you build your company at a fast pace. PitchGround’s solutions are relatively new and are used by successful startups around the globe, which allows small businesses to automate their business processes by enabling them to look at how other businesses are using the software and having them adopt similar strategies.


PitchGround is far more than just a market place for SaaS. It is a place where companies are rising and becoming more competitive. What sets it apart is the education-based approach to the sector. PitchGround answers the problems of smaller businesses and offers them the software solutions they need and presenting them with the best results by knowing their clients ‘ companies in detail. This education-centric strategy has allowed hundreds of small businesses to grow by spending the least amount of resources that is one of the most important things for small firms.

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