Learn SEO Online Free Step by Step – As we know, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) becomes an important element to bring traffic to our blog.

The more proficient we are in SEO optimization, the greater the chances of our blog being flooded with visitors.

 Learn SEO Online Free Step by Step guide

Simple SEO techniques are divided into 3 categories: black-hate, white-hate and grey-hate. We can adjust it to the needs and desires of each. This is the difference:

⇒Black-hate SEO

This technique is quite brutal for website optimization. Usually, rely on backlink spamming techniques and things that violate Google’s policies. Compared to other techniques, this is the most vulnerable to penalties.

⇒White-hate SEO

White hate techniques are actually not completely white hate. Why? Because basically, the SEO technique has a little spice of manipulation.

Even so, this technique is the safest compared to other techniques. The methods used are usually guest blogs, internal links and the promotion of content on social media.

⇒Gray-hate SEO

This SEO technique is in the middle. Not too spam, nor too natural. Grey-hate usually uses techniques like PBN (Private Blog Network), 301 redirects, zombie blogs/domain expirations, and SEO contests.

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This technique is usually still often used by people who are already experts in SEO. As long as you know how it works, using this technique can boost traffic very powerful without being subjected to Google penalties.

Then, what if we are beginners? What to do?

Of course, LEARN! We can learn SEO in many places. Can SEO courses or learn self-taught by searching on the internet.

Best Sites To Learn SEO Online Free

There are many SEO learning sites that are good enough for us to learn from local and overseas sites.

For this reason, this time we will discuss some recommendations on SEO learning sites that must be visited. See the explanation!

1. Backlinko


Backlinko is an SEO learning site that is quite popular in the world. There are many things that can be learned from this site starting from Offpage SEO techniques and On-page SEO.

One of the interesting things on this site is the discussion about Link Building. The technique used really looks neat and natural enough to improve website SEO.

In terms of appearance, this site is also quite interesting. There are infographics, videos and graphic designs that add to each article.

2. Moz Blog

moz blog seo

For those Who want to Learn SEO Online Free Step by Step, Moz blog is one of the best site. This site divides SEO learning into several stages of chapters and categories.

Starting from the notion of SEO, SEO application techniques, keyword formulations, link building, even to measuring the success of content, everything is on this site.

Some Popular Post o learn SEO:

  1. Building Links with Great Content – Natural Syndication Networks
  2. How to Improve Your Link Building Outreach Pipeline
  3. 8 Easy Wins for On-page SEO

3. Search Engine Journal

search engine journal

Through this site, you can search more about SEO 101 (the basics of SEO techniques and strategies). In addition, you can also search for SEO related news and also interesting and up-to-date facts in the field.

Uniquely, because this site is equipped with various kinds of research, you can find statistics and developments in trends around search volume, analytics, and also digital marketing.

Some Topic From Search Engine Journal:

  1. 7 Link Building Tactics for Small Businesses
  2. Case Study: Outsourcing Link Building to Grow Traffic by 63,000+ Visitors

4. Search Engine Land

The next best site to learn more about SEO is Search Engine Land . Similar to MOZ.com which divides learning into chapters, the Search Engine Land site also uses the same method.

Unlike MOZ.com, Search Engine Land focuses more on its content with rules and technical aspects of SEO. Besides learning SEO you can also learn about SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) through this site, you know!

SEO Learning Contents From Search Engine Land:

5. SEMrush Blog

semrush blog

Semrush is one of the best SEO tools and they have a great blog where you can find SEO tutorials, Content marketing methods, daily CEO technics etc.

They have a really experienced team and they publish contents on SEO.here you can see some popular post from Semrush

6. Yoast Blog

yoast blog

Yoast is the popular SEO Tool or Plugin for WordPress. And Also they have a nice blog for those who want to learn SEO.

ON Yoast SEO blog you can find articles on how to use SEO plugins, SEO Tactics, technical SEO, WordPress, SEO of social media, and much more.

7. WebmasterWorld


WebmasterWorld is a popular SEO forum among Webmaster and Seo experts. You can find SEO news, SEO related issues, SEO technics and many more.

One the best thing is that you can ask them your any SEO related queries and expert will sure help you to solve them.

8. The SEM Post

SEm mean Search Engine Industry is another site where you can get a lot of SEO news and updates. In addition to providing daily SEO strategy, Google and Being SEO methods, major algorithm updates and changes.

Some More Online SEO Learning sites:

For those of you who are already very enthusiastic to learn more about SEO, just visit these sites above. Not only just learning through reading, but you can also apply your knowledge to the content of your writing.


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