Your furry companions bring entertainment and the immense joy that humans long for. All they need in return is a healthy life and a safe environment.

They are no different than children who require constant care and attention. Kitten and puppies cannot differentiate between a chew toy and an electrical cable.

When they are teething, those wires appear like delicious, munchy snacks, which they use to release the additional pressure on their gums. This makes them especially vulnerable towards electric shocks and fatal burns.

Let’s take a look at eight ways to keep your furry friends safe from electrical hazards:

1. Get Rid Of Loose Cords

Visible cordage is arguably the most imminent threat – an accident waiting to happen. Pets find these loose cords very tempting. They will certainly not leave any chance to sink their teeth in.

Hence, it’s best to tie the dangling cords together, making it difficult for the pet to use them as their chew toy. Besides, you can use protective covers to tuck away your electrical wiring.

To ensure your pet’s safety, you should inspect your electrical system for the possibility of faults or abnormal currents.

Feel free to contact your local electricity provider, such as Calpine Energy Solutions in California, to upgrade or repair your electrical system.

2. Invest In Safe Equipment

Inexpensive equipment breaks more often and more easily compared to their top-quality counterparts. They are likely to overheat or spark, thereby posing a danger to the pets nearby.

Sure, expensive equipment puts a strain on your pocket, but that’s indispensable when it comes to the safety considerations regarding your pets.

Moreover, cheap power cords can start devastating electrical fires – destroying possibly your entire home.

Thus, investing in safe, reliable (yet costlier) equipment will help you save a considerable amount of money in the future.

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3. Train Your Pet

Is it possible to teach your furry friends to stay away from potentially dangerous areas? It absolutely is!

That’s, of course, if you have a canine or feline as your pet. While the former answers to negative stimuli, the latter responses to positive stimuli.

Spray something citrus, bitter (of course, non-toxic) in the concerned area. This approach will train your cat to completely avoid that area. It is an example of a negative stimulus.

On the other hand, teach your dog to stay away from electrical cords and reward them when they do. This is called a positive stimulus.

4. Remove Hot Appliances

This is probably the easiest thing that you can do. Keep all hot appliances such as oil heaters, curling irons, hair straighteners, and portable heaters out of bounds.

While they are still hot after being switched off, store them in a place where your pets cannot reach easily. It is because these appliances can cause house fires or severe burns.

Pets tend to snuggle in warmer places. A hot styling appliance may thus appear appealing to them.

Similarly, use a hob cover for your electric stove. Besides offering you additional counter space, it protects your furball!

5. Unplug Unused Electronics

Electrical and electronic appliances have taken over the everyday lives of human beings, be it smartphones or juicers.

While it may seem convenient to simply leave your unused electronics plugged in overnight, it’s irrefutably not safe if you have pets around.

Your idle phone charger can draw a small electric current that is enough to electrocute your pet. Apart from that, leaving your unused electronics plugged in increases your monthly bill.

Why not save the energy and costs if you are not using them anyway? Get in touch with an energy provider like Champion Energy if you are looking to reduce your electricity bills.

Consider charging your phone before going to bed every night. That will get you through most of the day and keep your pets safe.

6. Beware Of Water

Water and electricity are enemies. You should never leave a gadget near bathtubs or sinks. Cats are primarily known to be mischievous, so you need to be extra cautious.

Moreover, if you own an aquarium, it’s bound to fascinate your pet. You must thus ensure that all the wiring is secure from those curious paws.

Keep your pets hydrated so that they don’t go looking around the house for drinking water and accidentally get their head stuck in a vessel!

7. Keep Lamps Away

Most of the lamps have halogen bulbs. That effectively puts them under the ‘fire hazard’ category.

Naturally, you should not let your pet near the lamp as they can accidentally knock it over. Besides, lamps are extremely hot and can give your pet severe burns.

One good way to ensure safety is to secure the lamp to tables or floors, depending on the type you have.

8. Build A Cord-Free Playroom

How about building a room that is entirely free of breakables, gadgets, and cords?

It’s an incredible option, given it’s feasible for you. In that duration, you can get some work done while your pet can play inside the room.

This way, you can keep it safe when you are not looking all the time. After you are done with work, bring your pet outside where they can roam freely again.

Hence, make sure that the playroom is entertaining and appealing for the pet.

What To Do In Case Of An Emergency?

Pets are inquisitive and playful – just like kids! Unfortunately, if they electrocute themselves, you need to take a series of urgent steps before going to the vet.

  • First of all, take a non-conductive object such as wood to separate your pet from the source. Beware of any spilled liquid around the area to avoid yourself getting exposed too!
  • Switch off the main supply to protect yourself and then approach your pet. Before rushing to the vet, wrap your fur baby in a blanket.
  • In the worst-case scenario, giving your pet CPR might be necessary to save its life.
  • Another scenario where your pet’s life could be in danger is when they ingest an electrical item. It can not only be toxic but also lead to serious digestive blockage. In that case, seek help right away.


Our pets are esteemed members of our family – you can’t argue with that. As such, pet owners must look after their health and safety and steer clear of electrical hazards.

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