In an age where virtually all aspects of life are subject to technical, seemingly irrevocable technical documentation, it should come as no surprise that encapsulating the voice in a text to speech download has become an increasingly important consideration for software developers. While many platforms enable simple speech to voice functionality, not as many offer text to speech download functionality. Consequently, the ability to encapsulate the voice in a downloadable format, namely a .mp3 or similar file, may represent one of the greatest competitive advantages that a text to speech platform can offer, both for individual and commercial use-value.


Individual Use Value

From an individual perspective, the ability to transform text to speech output into a downloadable format can provide strong use-value, which could occur at the personal or professional level.

From a personal standpoint, suppose that a hearing-impaired individual crafts a heartfelt message to a loved one who suffers from sight impairment. In this situation, it would be crucial for the message to be relayed in a format understandable to both the sender and the receiver, which means that the ability to download a .mp3 file of the personalized text to speech message would be vital.

From a professional standpoint, an individual artist or freelancer may benefit from having downloadable versions of their speech to text information on a personal website, which in turn may give them a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Commercial Use Value

When considering the advantages of this software functionality for individual use-value, even more, use-value benefits can be realized from a commercial perspective. The reason why even more use-value can be realized from this perspective originates from the sheer array of enterprises that operate in the digital world today. This array includes small, medium, large, and mega-sized enterprises in a wide variety of different industries.

For instance, suppose that a major online educational platform serves millions of students around the world. This platform undoubtedly has taken advantage of text to speech software for creating its lessons, tutorials, and other guidelines, and depending on the diversity of students it serves, then it has already translated these same lessons into various languages. By offering the option to download a .mp3 file of these lessons, then students will benefit from having offline access to the same material.

Similar circumstances could occur in virtually any training scenario, be it an official training program for an entity operating in the public sector, private sector, or a combination of both. Training has become more and more “digital” over the past several years due to enormous reductions in cost and overall improvements in efficiency; thus, it is natural for newly hired employees, similar to the aforementioned students, to want offline access to training programs, which is especially useful in longer flights.  

Final Considerations

Ultimately, the ability to transform the text into speech, followed by a transformation of that speech into a downloadable medium, will likely serve as one of the major competitive advantages that distinguish one text to speech SaaS from another. Considering that a download option would be highly desired by individuals and enterprises for various reasons, it is well worth the investment to add download functionality to a text to speech platform. This functionality will certainly help ensure the likelihood of more repeat customers, the fundamental goal of virtually any organization.

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