Talk to SEO professionals about the importance of Free edu backlinks, and you will hear edu is top-level domain extensions that SEO professionals use to build strong backlinks that increase the site’s search engine presence. Always remember that one high-authority backlink is worth more than hundreds of low-quality backlinks.

Google likes backlinks from GOV and EDU sites. Why? This domain extension associates itself with educational institutions and government organizations, and hence, Google considers it more authentic.

Free edu Backlinks

When I learned blog first and I started publishing articles without keyword knowledge, backlink knowledge and nothing I did for the quality of my articles. And the result Google detected my blog contents as Spam and I had never got any rank or visitors.

After all, one of my friends teaches me about blogging, the only good article will not help you to get rank or visitors, you need to know about SEO and also about backlink.

So he told me about Ahref, A great tool to increase your knowledge of how to write a good article with keyword optimize and how to get a proper backlink to increase your rank?

So here, in this article, I will tell you how to get free edu backlink to boost your rank and starts getting more visitors.

Note: On the next article I will give Govt. backlink list so here I will show only some high pr Dofollow edu backlinks.

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List Of Free edu Backlinks With DA-PA

Below the list, I will give you High authority .edu backlink and also I will tell you how to create a backlink on the sites. Let’s see

1. University of Central Missouri ( DA 90 )

UCM is a high authority with DA 90 site. I have already 1 Dofollow backlink from the site. You can get a backlink on the site by the commenting but it’s a dofollow and permanent edu backlink. so check how to get it

  • First click on the Link
  • The site is not English so translate it on your chrome browser
  • Click on the Post To Comment option
  • On the comment box use
    • Name – enter a keyword
    • Website- paste your link
    • add any email
    • enter Captcha
    • on the comment box write anything
    • Done

2. Dartmouth College Backlink ( DA 86)

Dartmouth College is a US college and has a great backlink value. It has 86 DA and you can get do-follow backlink by commenting on the blog site. check how-

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Scroll down and comment your link with HTML code
  3. type captcha and click add my comment.

Ahref HTML Code ie: <a href=”url”>link text</a>

3. Middlebury Institute ( DA 65) is another edu backlink platform with DA 65 but it is not a do-follow backlink. But it will also help increase your rank so just get it.

  • visit the site:
  • Comment you link with anchor text

4. The University of Northern Iowa ( DA 70)

you can it DA 70 edu backlink but it is a nofollow back but help you to increase your domain authority.

  • Go to this link:
  • submit your comment
    • type name as keyword
    • add a link and any comment submit

5. Hochschule München or Munich University ( DA 50)

It is german college and you get a dofollow backlink with DA 50. the backlink type comment but you can get dofollow by use HTML code.

  • Go to this link
  • Translate into English
  • click Give feedback
  • type your name and comment with a backlink
  • add link by click insert link on the comment box
  • and click Give feedback

6. Stanford edu profile Backlink ( DA 93)

Stanford is one of the best for backlink But you cannot get it directly but by the profile, you can get a free backlink.

  • Go here:
  • click register
  • Select I don’t know my SUID number –  accept T&C and click to continue
  • type username and password.
  • next visite your profile and add your website link
  • done.

7. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ( DA 75)

On this edu site, you can get both dofollow and profile backlink with DA 75. Just you need to create a new account using your mail.

  • Go to this link:
  • Mow create an account.
  • go to profile and add your website link
  • Now again you need to create a team for dofollow backlink
  • Click community – Teams- Create a team- add a description with HTML code
  • and you are done

8. Rzeszów University Profile Backlink ( DA 45)

On this edu site, you can a profile backlink. it is a profile backlink but dofollow so it will also help to increase your site rank. so how to get free edu backlinks to check here.

  • Visit the site:
  • create a new account with your email
  • and add your link on the profile

9. The City University of New York ( DA 86)

On this site, you will get direct link dofollow backlink with DA 86 but you cannot add your keywords.

  • Go to this site:
  • The left sidebar you can add your link
  • Just copy paste your site link and click addadd edu backlink

10. Wolverhampton University ( DA 66)

It is another direct link university backlink site, you can DA 66 high authority backlik but you can add your keyword.

  • Go to this site:
  • scroll down click Post comment
  • add your comment and link and post

11. ELTE ( DA 73)

The college name, actually I don’t know but the site is a high authority and the DA is 73. And also you get a dofollow with keyword backlink.

  • Go to this link:;comments:1
  • add comment
    • Name: your keyword
    • email
    • link: without HTTP or https
    • type anything on the comment box
    • click add

12. Seton Hill University ( DA 63 )

Here you can high authority Dofollow free edu backlink. you can add your link with anchor text. check here

  • go to this link
  • add your comment with your backlink
  • and you are done

13. Courtauld Institute of Art ( DA 65)

On this site, you can get dofollow and keyword backlink. The site is the high authority and good for increasing your site rank.

  • Go to this link:
  • create a new account
  • again go to the above link and submit your backlink
  • to add the link you can this HTML code [url=]keywords[/url]

14. Williams College ( DA 71 )

You can here a backlink by commenting but the backlink is a nofollow and also it is a high authority site with DA 71.

  • visit the link:
  • add your comment and link

15. Universitas Muhammadiyah Profile Backlink( DA 48)

It is an Indonesia university site. You can get a BIO dofollow backlink. The domain LTD but it’s a university site so it has good authority and rank.

  • Goto this link:
  • Create a new account
  • on the profile-Bio just add your link with a keyword.

16. UNED Profile Backlink ( DA 78)

The site is not edu but a university site. it has a high DA 78 and you can a dofollow profile backlink.

  • Goto this link:
  • click register
  • submit all the details
  • And must add BIO with your link

17. Journal of Intelligence Studies ( DA 54)

It is a university site and here you can dofollow profile backlink permanently. To get backlink Just visite the site:  and register your account and must add your bio with your backlink.

18. UNICENTRO profile backlink (DA 56)

The domain LTD is not edu but it is a college-related site and the domain authority also high. you can get a dofollow backlink by creating an account and just add your link on BIO when you creating your account.


19. The State University of Maranhão ( DA 56)

Here is the same one, you can another profile backlink. You will get a dofollow backlink with DA 56.


20. profile Backlink (DA 52)

it is a good edu US-based university site. Here you get profile edu backling for free with do-follow DA 52. Just register and add your link on your bio.


21. Moi University (DA 38)

To get a backlink from the website just goto the site and register a new account and must add your link on bio.


22. Andalas University ( DA 51 )

just goto the website and create a new account and add your link on profile bio. That’s it you will get a dofollow permanent backlink with DA 51.


23. Catholic University of Temuco ( DA 48)

Not edu but it is a university site and have the same high-authority as edu and you can get a profile backlink with DA 48.


Note: More link will add Soon. So Add to bookmark this site.

Final Words

In this article, I have posted only working free edu backlink sites and some are not edu but they are related to the university and High DA PA. NAd Also also add more links in this article so you should bookmark this site.

If you have some more edu backlink sites please share with us, It will help all others who are new on a blogging platform.

Manoj Chakraborty
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