DMCA Bypass Hosting is a web hosting service that does not comply with the Digital Copyright Act (DMCA). The DMCA is a US law that requires web hosting providers to take down copyright-infringing content upon receipt of notice from the copyright owner.

DMCA Ignored Hosting is often used to host content that may violate copyright, such as adult content, torrents, file shares, and websites that may contain copyrighted content. Ignored hosting providers often place their servers in countries that do not have copyright laws or have copyright laws that differ from US laws. This allows them to avoid having to comply with the DMCA.

Ignored hosting has some advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of ignored hosting is that it allows users to host potentially copyrighted content without having to worry about it being taken down. The downside of ignored hosting is that it can cause legal risks for users, such as being sued for copyright infringement.

Best DMCA Bypass Hosting Services of 2023

Here are some examples of ignored hosting:

  • Offshore hosting:  Offshore hosting service providers place their servers in countries that do not have copyright laws or have copyright laws that are different from US laws.
  • Hosting is not DMCA compliant:  Some hosting providers are not DMCA compliant, even if they place their servers in the United States.

Currently, in the world, many organizations are providing Ignored Hosting services. But here are 5 highly rated units.

Best DMCA Bypass Hosting Services

1. Ultahost

  • Free Trial
  • Free Domain Registration, Daily Backups, Free CloudFlare CDN
  • Support available 24/7/365 via Chat, Phone, Email, Ticket
service nameCapacityOSPrice
SHARED Starter30GBLinux$2.30

2. knownsrv

  • Extensive Legal and Technical Systems in Place
  • One of The Strictest Privacy Laws in Europe
  • Fast and Reliable with DDoS Protection
service nameCapacityOSPrice

3. koddos

  • 7 Days Moneyback Guarantee
  • Every plan comes with MySQL, Email, & FTP
  • Support available 24/7/365 via Phone, Email, Knowledge base and Blog
service nameCapacityOSPrice
Mini Plan A20GBLinux$8.95
VPS PLAN A20GBWindows, Linux$9.99
Plan A40GBLinux$14.95

4. Virtual Systems

  • 7-Day Money-back Guarantee
  • Unmetered Traffic Plans, Instant/Daily Backups, Unlimited Subdomains
  • Support available 24/7/365 via Phone, Tickets, Email and Chat
service nameCapacityOSPrice
VH-Medium (UA)1GBLinux5$
VH-Pro (UA)20GBLinux$10
VH-Reseller (UA)20GBLinux$15

5. zynoo

  • 7-Day Money-back Guarantee
  • Free DDOS Protection, Free Database Transfer, Free File Transfer
  • Support available 24/7/365 via Tickets, Chat, Knowledge Base
service nameCapacityOSPrice

6. Shinjiru

Shinjiru is another hosting provider that offers DMCA-ignored hosting. They have been in the running for over 19 years and have a reputation for providing secure and reliable DDOS-protected hosting services. They have server locations in Malaysia. It is also bitcoin accepted.

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