Creating a logo design for your business is a big step in solidifying your brand. There are many factors to consider in the creation process. You want your logo to be memorable, attention-catching, and something that stands out from the competition.

So how do you complete this goal? How do you make a logo that people will remember even long after they have seen it? There are a few steps to remember:

Stay away from the common and the ordinary

There are some images that are used regularly and will not necessarily stand out to anyone who sees it. An arrow, for example, is a commonly used image that may not point to anything memorable for your brand. Think outside of the box. Come up with an original concept. Something that has not been seen before is sure to stick in another person’s mind.

Create a Logo Design

Go for longevity instead of the latest trends

As time goes by, trends rise and fall. What was the popular design five years ago may not be trending now. When you are figuring out your logo, choose something that will stand the test of time, as your business will. Having to rebrand later on is something that you also do not want to do after putting in so much work to create your logo and your brand the first time around.

While the refreshment of colors and outlines is normal with companies that have stood the test of time, logos usually do not change. You want people to have your logo so ingrained with your company that changing it would be a disservice to everyone. In order for that to happen, choose a logo that will be relevant, fresh, and can adapt to the times.

Keep it simple

Keeping your logo simple is important for a variety of reasons. You can also check free logo generators. First, you want the logo to be something that can be recreated easily. Wherever you take your brand, it will have to be reproduced: on business cards, your product, and other items. A simple logo is easy to print.

A simple logo is also easy to remember. A good logo also communicates something about your brand that leaves an impression with the consumers. Everyone remembers the checkmark for Nike. It is simple and effective, and checking things off of a list is synonymous with their “Just Do It” slogan. Simplicity can be everything.

Be different

While we touched on Creating a Logo Design sure you stay away from overused colors and shapes, it is also important to make sure that you do something different. Your logo should stand above the rest, especially your competitors. Making something that looks anything like to other logos means that when it comes down to it, there will not be anything memorable to differentiate it in someone’s mind.

If you use any shapes or colors similar to your competitors, you will be unable to differentiate yourself from your competition, and it can all blend together in the end.

Don’t feel the need to be literal

When you are Create a Logo Design, your first thought may be to make it something that translates literally to what your business or brand is about. If you are about to start a poster company, for example, your first instinct might be to make your logo a poster with a design on it. However, your logo could be so many other things, and you don’t have to feel boxed into making it something that depicts your business in the literal sense.

Think about the mission of your company, and see if you can invoke those feelings in your logo. Let’s look at Audi’s logo and car companies in general. Car companies never have cars in their logo. They want to invoke feelings of safety, security, trustworthiness, and quality. The Audi logo is four circles interlocked together. Those four circles make the consumer think of something that is eternal, long-lasting, and secure. The image of a car would not have the same effect as those four circles interlocked together.

Put thought into your colors

The art lesson you may have learned in grade school art is still relevant. Color schemes are important. Colors invoke different feelings. Cool colors have a calming effect, while warm colors do the opposite. How you mix and match the colors when you Create a Logo Design can send out a certain subliminal effect to your consumers, and you want to make sure it is in line with the message you are trying to convey.

Make your logo adaptable and flexible

We touched upon the need to keep your logo simple so that it could be recreated easily. But it also needs to be adaptable for those same reasons. You will be printing your logo on a variety of things – business cards, tote bags, pencils, other types of branding and marketing material. Your logo needs to be able to be stretched and shrunk and still recognizable. As a result, whether the logo is on a backpack or sponsor board – something larger – or printed on smaller things such as a business card, it can be still recognized. The flexibility in the design is key to making this happen.

Understand and emulate your brand

Your brand is your best friend. The mission you are trying to convey is important, and your logo should show that. Make sure that you know what your message is first. Figure out what your company stands for, and then from there, figure out how to convey that mission and those values through design.

Choosing your logo for your company and your brand is an important task. There are a lot of things you have to think about, and you want to make your logo one that can stand the test of time. Differentiating yourself from the competition may seem like a daunting task, but it is not impossible. By keeping these tips in mind, you are on your way to designing a logo that is memorable, effective, and the perfect face for your company.

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