Do you want to know how far your friend is away from you or where your kid plays on Sunday eve? We got you! Technology innovation has tackled all your demands. Now, with the GPS tracking system, you can monitor anyone’s geographical location.  

Best GPS tracking Apps

In addition to this, brands and business services also use this system to monitor delivery locations. For instance, speedpak tracking is one of the best satisfying assistance for ensuring the safest delivery on time. 

Let’s see which GPS tracking apps are best and how you can use them quickly on your android phones

1. Phone Tracker GPS

For making it easiest to use, the phone tracker GPS is relatively easy for Android users. All you need is to install it on your and the person’s phone whose location you would like to find out. After installation, you will all be set to locate the real-time location. 


  • It makes it simple to get alerts on specific locations. 
  • You can also find your missing device/mobile phone. 
  • It gives results within no time.  

2. mSpy

mSpy has emerged as one of the best apps for tracking geographical location. Through this, you can find the location of people on the map and can keep a record. This advanced tracking app is featured with 25+ items to use. So, install it and make a quick turnaround mapping out the locations. 


  • It monitors the actual time of all activities. 
  • It shows the exact route for reaching out to the site. 
  • Easy to use on the phone even without a subscription to the premium version. 

3. GPS Family Tracker

Now you don’t need to worry about your loved ones. You can stay connected with them and can reach out to them with the GPS Family tracker. It is pretty reliable and handy to monitor to keep your loved ones safe and secure. Along with this, it allows you to have a chit-chat while tracking a location. 


  • The kid mode is the best feature that will not allow your kid to off the location. 
  • In its premium mode, you can listen to your kids surrounding happenings. 
  • It keeps a record of earlier locations.  

4. Hubstaff’s GPS App

With Hubstaff’s GPS app, you can monitor the working schedule of your employees. You can check when workers are in and out from their desks. Indeed, this is the best app for surveying incoming and outgoing workers in specific locations. 


  • It helps to know which route your employee is taking to reach the job site. 
  • GPS tracking data enables companies to keep an accurate record of working hours. 
  • Reliable tracking app. 

5. Google Find my device

Losing your phone/device becomes so depressing as it contains all your confidential information. But from now on, no worries at all! Hop on to Google, find my device app, and enjoy free tracking. Along with tracking, you can also lock your device to keep it safe from strangers. Yes! It’s free and can efficiently perform all necessary functions on Android devices. 


  • Available in the free version. 
  • It gives quick assistance in recovering your lost devices. 
  • Compatible with iOS and Android versions. 


Hopefully, the details mentioned in the apps will allow you to pick the one that will suit you the best. With the more brilliant innovations in technology, now it’s right in your hand to locate the place where the person is roaming in a geographical area. GPS tracking apps are proven to be the safest to protect and connect with the people who matter a lot to you. Their advanced features are reliable and easy to handle.

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