The professionals’ ability to work with the CompTIA A+principles depends on how far they have mastered them. Their skills should facilitate them in leading project improvement and serving as team members.

It is possible to gain all of these required skills with the CompTIA A+ certification. Therefore, in this article, we will focus on the important things that you should know about this badge.

Becoming Conversant with CompTIA A+

Certification details

Getting theA+ Practice Testcredential shows that you are conversant with the elements of the methodology. This means that you can successfully lead project improvement or support your team in improvement projects where the leader is a Black Belt. In the latter case, your role is basically part-time.

The s has an in-depth comprehension of all the methodology aspects, which means that you are competent in all the subject matters existing within the DMAIC phases. With your knowledge and skills, your capabilities include implementing, performing, interpreting, and applying CompTIA A+ at high proficiency levels.

There is a process to go through before you are finally acknowledged through accreditation as a . The process involves passing one prerequisite exam that you should thoroughly prepare for. Let’s see what the testing process involves.

Certification exam details

Based on IASSC, one of the bodies recognized globally for offering the certificate, you have to take only one exam with 100 multiple-choice questions. The proctored test has 3 hours for completion. You will have about 20 questions coming from each main section of the Body of Knowledge.

The minimum score for obtaining the badge is 70% and the registration fee is $295. No prerequisites are attached to this exam besides your thorough preparation.

Please note that the training for the certification is important but not compulsory. There are qualified institutions that offer training to those who feel they need it to get deeper into the CompTIA A+ Practice Test elements.

You can find various courses that cover the topics, guides, tutorials, and even look for some resources on forums. Moreover, if you have real-world experience in this methodology, it will increase your chances of getting it right in the certificate.

If you want to check your level of preparedness to pass the exam, you can take practice tests. But it would be best if you can include them throughout your journey of preparation for the certification exam.

Once you pass the test and meet the requirements to be certified, the organization will provide you with the credential. This badge is globally recognized and is supposed to be renewed after three years.


The CompTIA A+ credential validates your abilities in the various DMAIC phases. They show that you understand the terms and facts and can apply them to the processes. This also means that you are capable of analyzing complex information and evaluating the value of various proposed ideas with an intention of developing required structures. So, as you can see, the certification is a qualification that you should look forward to earning!

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