It doesn’t matter if you live in Australia or anywhere else in the world, college can be tricky, fun, and a little bit crazy at the same time. With all the bumps and hurdles to overcome, it’s no wonder why some will turn to multiple productivity apps for students to make the whole process a lot easier.

With more than 95% of students bringing their phones to class, it makes sense to invest in apps college students need. Instead of texting and not paying attention to class, students can make the most of these apps to write their homework and be more productive.apps for student


6 Best Apps for College Students

With today’s generation, it’s safe to say that no one goes anywhere without their phone. But, as strange as it may sound, the phones can become very useful gadgets if people know which useful apps for students they can use.

For Australian college students, these online and offline apps can make a huge difference. They can help them study quicker, get educational information, useful programs, and options that will make them more productive.

Here is a list of the must-have apps for college students you shouldn’t miss out on.

  •       Scribd
  •       Cliff Notes
  •       Kahoot!
  •       Grammarly
  •       Mendeley

1. – Keeping Every Assignment in Check

feedly apps for college student

College is super hard, especially with all the tight deadlines, overdue assignments, tests, and jobs. It’s just impossible to keep up. What makes useful apps for students are those that keep them organized – does just that. No matter the project, it’s easy to keep track. In the end, users will never overlook or miss a deadline.

2. Scribd – The Online Library

Students need information, and what better way to get that information then with the largest online library. For all students in Australia and around the world, it’s super important to find the help they need, especially with a new assignment coming up. But, for those who need assignment help, but can’t research the entire topic, sometimes it’s best to rely on a professional. That way, you get all the homework help you need and still get the job done. This app has books and documents packed with information that are much easier to search based on a topic students will find useful.

3. Cliff Notes – For Any Literary Student

For students who regularly write a literary assignment and need help with the theme and plot, Cliff Notes is the app to have. It’s perfect for literary students since it’s packed with all the book summaries you will ever need. Now, these are the kinds of apps college students need.

4. Kahoot! – Taking Quizzes to the Next Level

With a bunch of lectures to revise, it always gets boring. But for students who need a quick energy boost, it’s important to make studying fun. With Kahoot!, college students can make their own quizzes or use the flashcards to revise a lecture. They can also connect with friends and make online study groups, which probably makes it one of the best apps for college students.

5. Grammarly – Making Sure Everything Is Well-Written

free grammarly premium

Students can’t mess up an assignment. This is the most important part of getting right, which is why having a spelling app can come in handy. Grammarly can be used both as a phone or a PC app. When it’s active, it makes sure that you write error-free work, no grammar mistakes, and no misunderstood communication. This is one of the best apps for students, office workers, and everyone who checks their writing before submitting a project.

6. Mendeley – The Reference Manager


Many students have trouble writing or citing bibliographies correctly. But, the moment they have to compile their research paper, they begin to understand the importance of proper citations. With Mendeley, students no longer have to think about these citations, the app is here to do it for them. It can help students organize their literature, highlight all the important things, synch documents with other devices, and more. This is one of those productivity apps for students that they don’t know they need, when in fact, they really do.


Hopefully, our list made it easier for you to decide which app can help you better manage your student life. It’s about staying one step ahead of the game, and the best way to do it is always to use anything that can make your life easier, this includes mobile apps too. Some of the options on this list are better at managing schedules and organizing projects, while others can definitely come in handy for writing your assignment. No matter what you might need them for, it’s always a good idea to try an app you find helpful.

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