Today so much is happening in the digital space and unless you’re connected, you may miss out a lot. To access the internet, you need a data plan. A data plan can either be prepaid or postpaid, but the former is popular for the tons of benefits it comes with. Considering this, we’ll put our focus on prepaid data plans in this introductory article.

Prepaid Data Plans

What is a prepaid data plan?

A prepaid data plan is a subscription for data usage that you need to pay upfront. It’s the exact opposite of a postpaid plan that you pay after usage, usually after a month.

Features/merits of prepaid data plans

  • They are contract-free

Prepaid data plans are no-contract plans, meaning you won’t be tied up in some commitment. You can cancel your recharge anytime without having to pay penalties.

  • Highly economical

Generally, prepaid plans offer better value for money as you get precisely what you pay for. The plan is immediately cut off once you’ve used up the data you paid for, meaning there’re no excess fees. The elimination of contract-related penalties also has a contribution in making prepaid plans budget-friendly.

  • Some come with rollover

To make things interesting, some prepaid plans come with a rollover, meaning that you get to hold up the remaining data even if your recharge period is over. The remaining data may automatically roll over to the next month or wait until you recharge as agreed with the provider.

  • No credit check

Prepaid data plans require that you first commit your money to get the data package. For this reason, no credit check is required as there’s no need to evaluate your paying capabilities. No matter your credit rating, you’ll still get a prepaid data plan so long you can pay for it upfront.


Prepaid data plans are the most economical plans you can purchase here in Singapore. Many providers will offer decent data allowances that’d last you for the entire recharge period unless you’re a very serious user. Working with a good provider in Singapore, you can get an excellent prepaid data plan that’ll potentially save you hundreds of dollars year in year out.

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